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Lykle Thijssen

Lykle Thijssen

Joined on: February 11th, 2018


My love for heavy music started back in the '80s, when I started listening to bands like Europe and Bon Jovi as a kid. After a short flirt with grunge and punk rock, it was eventually The Gathering that brought me into metal. Soon enough, bands like Paradise Lost, Moonspell, Anathema and Dimmu Borgir followed, firmly setting me on the path to dark and atmospheric music. Ever since, my taste in music has expanded to all kinds of metal, goth and post-rock. Having visited too many concerts and festivals to count, my career and family life are forcing me to take things a bit easier these days, but hardly a day goes by without listening to something heavy. Current favourites include Amorphis, Cult of Luna, Deafheaven, Russian Circles and Solstafir, yet this list is constantly evolving and I'm always interested in discovering new musical talent.

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