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Psychopress – The Möbius Strip (StreetVoice)

A few years ago I went on the Transformers ride at Universal Studios. What I remember is being shunted backwards, forwards and sideways, stopping and starting with explosions going on and instructions being boomed. The patterns of “The Möbius Strip”… Continue Reading →

Unreal Overflows – Latent (Great Dane)

I’m not normally bothered about band names but I have to say that this year so far the quality of some of the names has impressed me more than the albums I’ve heard. First there was Questionable Blood Pressure. Now… Continue Reading →

Fallujah – Dreamless (Nuclear Blast)

The world has been waiting for a band like Fallujah. That’s what the band’s vocalist says. So understatement in the music seemed an unlikely outcome in the case of “Dreamless”. Wow. Well I have to say this oeuvre from the… Continue Reading →

Exocrine – Unreal Existence (Great Dane)

This album belies the fact that it is this French band’s debut release. I was surprised to learn this after listening to “Unreal Existence”. Heavily progressive and specialising in technical and complex patterns, it has real purpose. Fire comes in… Continue Reading →

Abnormal Thought Patterns – Altered States of Consciousness (Lifeforce)

The Tipton brothers, who I know for their involvement with Zero Hour and Cynthesis as well as their previous work with Abnormal Thought Patterns, have brought some friends along for their latest hyper technical prog adventure. Probably the most known… Continue Reading →

Arcade Messiah – S/T (Stereohead Records)

John Bassett may not be a household name but I’ve come to discover that he is a man of unbridled imagination and creativity. My introduction was two prog rock albums by his band King Bathmat, then earlier this year he… Continue Reading →

Colours to Shame – Vilos (SR)

I picked up this EP after watching Colours to Shame perform at TechFest. That was my first exposure to this band from Glasgow. I realised that there was something interesting going on. Experimental and progressive in style, and with jazz,… Continue Reading →

Abnormal Thought Patterns – Manipulation under Anesthesia (Lifeforce)

Ah, there’s a familiar strain here. Is that the technical prog wizardry of the Tipton brothers, they of Zero Hour and Cynthesis? It certainly is. There’s no nonsense here. I don’t have to worry about lyrics complementing or contrasting with… Continue Reading →

Cynthesis – ReEvolution (Sensory)

I play Cynthesis’s previous album “DeEvolution” (2011) a lot and am a great fan of Zero Hour, the band with which the talented Tipton brothers also play. I therefore had great hopes of a giant technical progfeast when “ReEvolution” came… Continue Reading →

Tempus Fusion – To End It All (SR)

“All you will ever know is war” is the ominous message from the well-spoken orator on the atmospheric and gothic-sounding opener “As We March to the Fields of War”. Mr Tim Goatham’s project continues evocatively into a canvas of purposeful… Continue Reading →

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