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Shrapnel – Palace For The Insane (Candlelight)

Norwich based thrashers Shrapnel are back and much like their name, they are tearing through things without mercy, cutting down all in their path with furious riffs, scathing vocals and piercing lead guitar work. Last time out, “Raised On Decay”… Continue Reading →

Acid Reign – The Age of Entitlement (Dissonance Productions)

I thought long and hard before I cowered in the presence of the lord high priest of Ave Noctum’s sacred citadel and genuflected in his presence and asked his unholiness if I may be able to review this, Acid Reign’s,… Continue Reading →

Xentrix – Bury The Pain (Listenable Records)

23 years since they last released anything, with this being their second reformation since disbanding in ’96, Xentrix are finally back with a new album. After Chris Astley left in 2015, a new vocalist/guitarist Jay Walsh replaced him 2017 and… Continue Reading →

Nuckin’ Futs – Abyss (Blood Fire Death)

Catalonia is a hotbed of social unrest at the moment. Feelings of oppression, loss of cultural identity, wanting to go their own way… It’s the perfect foil for some good old fashioned thrash metal! Nuckin’ Futs, a five piece from… Continue Reading →

Shrapnel – Raised On Decay (Candlelight Records)

UK thrashers from the land of six toes (Norwich) Shrapnel are a band who are on the rise. With a few EP’s out already and one full length which came out in 2014, along with some tours, supporting the likes… Continue Reading →

Xentrix, Acid Reign, Shrapnel – London Underworld 4/10/15

Walking down into the depths of The Underworld was relatively easy this evening. Perhaps owing to Paradise Lost playing a couple blocks away and Annihilator a couple miles away. Either way it allowed for it to be a rather intimate… Continue Reading →

Bio-Cancer – Tormenting the Innocent (Candlelight)

Greek thrashers Bio-Cancer are a 5 piece thrash band from Athens who formed in 2010. Having one album “Ear Piercing Thrash” already out, and having shared the stage with the likes of Sodom, Onslaught, Rotting Christ, Xentrix and Artillery, the… Continue Reading →

Interview – Andy Pilkington Headbangers Balls

I guess that as a subculture, a family, whatever, that as metalheads we like to think we have guts. Balls. Regardless of gender. We constantly use it about the musical drug of choice we prefer, about friends, about the ones… Continue Reading →

Hell:On – Age of Oblivion (Total Metal Records)

Hailing from the Ukraine, this is a thrash/groove band that has a notable guest musician (Jeff Waters – Annihilator) playing on one of the tracks, so does that spell a good thrash album? In the early part of the release,… Continue Reading →

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