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Statiqbloom – Beneath the Whelm (Metropolis)

Statiqbloom are about hard beats, haunting, hallucinogenic, post-industrial electronics. With this information I prepared for my trip. The scene is set with the industrial sound of chaos. Dark thumping electro with whispering vocals signal “Alcestis”. This takes me back to… Continue Reading →

Petbrick I (Rocket Recordings)

My expectation of this album by the duo called Petbrick was of something electronic and industrial. But there’s talk too of punk attitudes and experimentation, so maybe my expectation was off the mark. The duo in question are Wayne Adams… Continue Reading →

Mortiis – The Great Corrupter (Omnipresence)

Just last year the Goblin King that isn’t Bowie released The Great Deceiver.  That collection of electrified cyber goth metal pelvic thrusted its cod pieced way into my albums of the year and tracks remain part of both my radio… Continue Reading →

Pharmakon – Contact (Sacred Bones)

Christ, it’s like being in the middle of an industrial cyber war. Distant and organised screaming punctuate this very dark edition of Dr Who. Throbbing electronic sounds are at the epicentre. Margaret Chardiet’s Pharmakon project is in its tenth year,… Continue Reading →

Zardonic – Anti Hero (Eone Entertainment)

You might find Zardonic in the “World” section of your local record outlet but it’s unlikely. Here’s US based Venezuelan keyboardist, DJ, composer, producer and remixer with a specialist field of heavy electronic dance music with a worldwide reputation and… Continue Reading →

Kirlian Camera – Black Summer Choirs (Out of Line)

Some bands run out of creative steam after a period of time. This isn’t the case with Kirlian Camera who have been developing their ideas over 33 years and through umpteen albums. I often receive albums which are described as… Continue Reading →

b.o.s.c.h. – Apparat (Dust on the Tracks)

I’ve reached the time of life where Bosch is a brand of washing machine from Germany, not the name of an electronic metal band from the same country. The title “Apparat”, which means “appliance” doesn’t help to allay my preconception…. Continue Reading →

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