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Wolf – Feeding The Machine (Century Media)

Wolf are a band that somehow still sound as fresh and exciting as they always have, many years down the line. They are instantly recognisable, yet play such a traditional form of straight-edged Heavy Metal revered by fans all over… Continue Reading →

Twisted Tower Dire – Wars In The Unknown (No Remorse)

Look up the words ‘stalwarts’ and ‘diehards’ and the dictionary should say ‘see also Twisted Tower Dire’. With three of the five having been together since 1997 – Mark Stauffer (drums), Scott Waldrop (guitars and ultra marathons) and Dave Boyd… Continue Reading →

Leather – II (High Roller)

A mere 29 years after her first solo album, the legendary Leather Leone returns with a follow up, backed by a group she refers to as The Boys From Brazil as that was where they were drawn together. If you… Continue Reading →

Vaultwraith – Death Is Proof Of Satan’s Power (Hell’s Headbangers)

One look at the glorious cover for this debut and you’d probably hazard a guess that this is going to be full on metal of the thrash, Merciful Fate, Satanic headbanging style and thankfully you wouldn’t be wrong. From the… Continue Reading →

The Doomsday Kingdom – S/T (Nuclear Blast)

After a sufficient bout of appetite whetting with last years excellent 4 track EP, Leif Edling’s The Doomsday Kingdom now unleash their full length album debut. Thankfully retaining the excellent services of Anders Johansson on drums, Avatarium buddy Marcus Jidell… Continue Reading →

The Doomsday Kingdom – Never Machine (Nuclear Blast)

Leif Edling has been a very busy chap recently. As Candlemass fans hope for new material other than just an EP from the new Leven-fronted Candlemass Mk XVIII (or something like…), Edling has busied himself with Avatarium – culminating in… Continue Reading →

Nocturnalia – Above Below Within (Gaphals)

The scene is set a with sombre, classically flavoured piano intro, just over 2 minutes long, full of emotion and drama. Anything could be coming next, Black Metal? Pagan Metal? Post Rock? Symphonic Metal? Doom? Almost the last thing I… Continue Reading →

Delain, Wolf, The Raven Age – Manchester Club Academy 27/11/14

This three date mini UK tour was across Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow and was sold out many weeks in advance giving new and upcoming London based band The Raven Age a perfect opportunity to grab the ears of the attendees… Continue Reading →

Wolf – Devil Seed (Century Media)

Sweden’s Wolf were one of the first revivalists of true heavy/power metal forming around the turn of the millennium, long before the current crop of cool Swedish bands came about. This is the band’s latest effort and it’s a genuine… Continue Reading →

In Solitude – Sister (Metal Blade)

Since reviewing the reissue of their debut early this year I have become a firm fan of In Solitude and ‘Sister’ has been one of my most anticipated album releases of the year. Their debut was such a confident and… Continue Reading →

Speedtrap – Powerdose (Svart)

Controversial fact of the day: In my brain, good speed metal pisses all over thrash. Yeah you’re right: Another pointless bit of subdividing to conquer and probably untrue to boot. It’s just I feel it never gets the love it… Continue Reading →

Sinister Realm – World Of Evil (Shadow Kingdom)

Even with the current rude health exhibited by the more traditional end of the NWOBHM inspired heavy metal spectrum, with two previously well received album’s it’s fair to say that Allentown PA gang Sinister Realm have well and truly got… Continue Reading →

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