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Profanatica – Altar Of The Virgin Whore (Hell’s Headbangers)

Proving that they are dirty old men Profanatica posted the following message on their social media recently “Attention European Females Profanatica will be there this week Cum meet us in person and Feel the difference.” That’s nice, perhaps they just… Continue Reading →

Black Funeral – Ankou and the Death Fire (Iron Bonehead)

With all the hype and focus that has been centred onto USBM in recent years – the breakout of the so-called ‘Cascadian’ scene kickstarted by Weakling & Agalloch, then catapulted into the light by Wolves in the Throne Room, the… Continue Reading →

Chaos Moon – Amissum (Hellthrasher)

Alex Poole is one busy chap. I’ve only recently reviewed his second Skaphe album and still not entirely recovered from it and now this turns up. He’s also busy with Esoterica, Krieg and Lithotome too so there is no shortage… Continue Reading →

Winter of Apokalypse – Winter Of The Apokalypse (Plastik Musik)

Featuring members of Murdergod and Thy Infernal amongst their ranks, ‘Winter Of The Apokalypse’ is the second full length album from this US black metal crew. Having formed in 1997 and gone through various line-up changes, their debut ‘Solitary Winter… Continue Reading →

Imperial Triumphant – Abyssal Gods (Code666)

Looking back across the decades of parents, religious groups and self-appointed moral guardians with too much time on their hands during the 60s, 70s and 80s really didn’t know how good they had it. Anyone complaining about the unholy racket… Continue Reading →

Demoncy – Joined In Darkness (Forever Plagued)

A landmark album in the pantheons of USBM and by many regarded as one of the best albums of its type, Demoncy 1999 album Joined In Darkness is up for reappraisal now courtesy of Forever Plagued records. I pretty much… Continue Reading →

Abazagorath – The Satanic Verses (Eternal Death)

It’s always nice to think that you can still discover bands who have until recently been hidden in the crevices of the underground, interminably waiting, coiled and ready to spit venom into the face of any unsuspecting passer by without… Continue Reading →

Krieg – Transient (Candlelight)

It’s coming up to two decades since USBM stalwarts Krieg started on a career which has seen some of the harshest black metal ever shat out the bowels of all that is unholy. Their 2002 release ‘Destruction Ritual’ was my… Continue Reading →

Nachtmystium – The World We Left Behind (Century Media)

Congratulations to Blake Judd, the music industry’s biggest troll. After announcing a few months back that Nachtmystium were due to disband and upcoming opus ‘The World We Left Behind’ would be their swansong, music writers the world over were clamouring… Continue Reading →

Krigsgrav – The Carrion Fields (Naturmacht)

I’m more partial to a bit of atmospheric folk black metal than the average metal man in the street – but you have to quickly develop a quality filter. I mean, there’s a lot of it about and there are… Continue Reading →

Chasma – Omega Theorian (Candlelight)

I want to go and throw a stick in Portland Oregon and see how many musicians I can knock out. Prolific is the word and those playing black metal are no exception. I could write a big list starting at… Continue Reading →

Black Anvil – Hail Death (Relapse)

I must confess from the start, I took on this band Black Anvil for review having never previously heard them, I was intrigued by them, based mainly on an old theory I had drummed into me by one of my… Continue Reading →

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