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Pornohelmut – Bang Lord (Atypeek Music)

A Pornohelmut is? A) Protective headgear to shield against accidental friendly fire in the bukkake pit? B) Virtual reality headgear designed to de-juice the genital area? C) The extreme experimental Texan musical work of Neil Barrett? Well it’s probably all… Continue Reading →

Ultramantis Black – S/T (Relapse)

Ultramantis Black is one of those wrestlers wot does music! Apparently there are quite a few of them and having a look around I see that even Hulk Hogan has been involved in several bands. Perhaps it would be a… Continue Reading →

Hardcore Anal Hydrogen – The Talas Of Satan (Apathia)

What in the name of the patron saint of meth tweekers do we have here? Well I was expecting insanity when I cast my eyes over the band name and the Eastern religious iconography and font used on the garish… Continue Reading →

Shining – One One One (Indie)

If you walk into a record store, that is if you are lucky enough to have one in this day and age, wander over to the metal section; assuming that is if the staff have put this album in that… Continue Reading →

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