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Interview – Fäulnis

Having just delivered third album Snuff || Hiroshima on Cold Dimensions German act Faulnis as ever posed a musical conundrum that got my imagination flowing and intrigued as to where exactly it was coming from. With a melting pot of… Continue Reading →

Mother Of Worms – The Grimoire Of Abomination Tales (Schattenkult Produktionen)

Filth, foulest stench fuelled pornographically enhanced necro filth! That’s what we have here from these sick Germans and not only that but they have gone and delivered it on old-school cassette too. Somehow it seems all the more apt getting… Continue Reading →

MURDER MOST REEL – Part Two: Pseudo Snuff

  For this second offering in my series on snuff-themed cinema I want to begin by discussing one of my bug-bears in genre film journalism. Torture Porn. Nope, it’s not the films themselves I have an issue with, in fact… Continue Reading →

Coldstrain – I (Spectral Halls)

It would appear that Russian ambient black practitioners of very dark arts Karna are no more. This is a shame as they released some excellent albums such as the excellent Raven (2006). It is not the last of them you… Continue Reading →

MURDER MOST REAL – Snuff-themed films to see before you die (in a damp basement at the hands of a deranged psycho with a super-8)

When it comes to modern film audiences, there is very little capable of shocking. Sure, you get the stray straight chick dragged in to watch Last House On The Left with her boyfriend who walks out in disgust, but by… Continue Reading →

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