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Drown – Subaqueous (Prophecy)

“Remember, O man, that dust thou art, and to dust thou shalt return.” Except for the cyclic part, the Catholic church has got it all wrong, of course. We are mostly made of water, not dust. The water, or the… Continue Reading →

Slow – VI – Dantalion (Code666)

We had only just been ravaged by Belgium multi-instrumentalist Déhà’s latest album under the Merda Mundi moniker when Slow’s 6th opus dropped in and the two discs could not be further apart. The former play caustic black metal with anti-humanist… Continue Reading →

Merda Mundi – Hatred (Malpermesita Records)

When the synopsis read that this package was ‘really nasty’ my interest peaked and I felt compelled to request it in order to be privy to the experience myself. Deha, and Merda Mundi, do not disappoint and launches the latest… Continue Reading →

Slow – V Oceans (Code666)

It’s all in the title, this is slow stuff and album number 5 from Belgium bred but Bulgarian based Déhà who is aided here lyrically and conceptually by Lore. Digging deeper there is a bit more meaning into the name… Continue Reading →

Yhdarl – Loss (I, Voidhanger Records)

Yhdarl’s claim to fame is their ability to crush “all music boundaries between suicidal, depressive, doom, noise and drone black metal”. With a link to Cult of Erinyes and a host of other bands, “Loss” is the Franco-Belgian duo’s eighth… Continue Reading →

Tchornobog – S/T (I, Voidhanger)

The man behind this work talks about wrestling with his own demons. Accordingly this self-titled album of four long tracks is about psychological disorder and hallucinations. So the initially deep and deathly “The Vomiting Tchornobog (Slithering Gods Of Cognitive Dissonance)”… Continue Reading →

Deveikuth – VII π III (S/R)

This French band are going from strength to strength. Their first EP was limited to just 13 copies and their split with Drog 40. This time around they are really pushing the boat out by releasing no less than 50… Continue Reading →

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