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Heruka – Turning To Dust (Narcoleptica Productions)

Although active since 2000 it took 18 years for Italian band Heruka to get around to debut album Deception’s End. It was an interesting disc with plenty of ideas going on in it not least due to the heady historic… Continue Reading →

Vardan – Nostalgia: Archive Of Failures I-III (Moribund)

“Bloody Vardan,” are words I found myself muttering a lot in 2015. It seemed like every time I reviewed one of the Sicilian artist’s albums another turned up almost immediately and to say he is prolific would be an understatement… Continue Reading →

Bunker 66 – Chained Down In Dirt (High Roller Records)

If you’re not familiar with Bunker 66 they hail from Messina in Sicily and formed in 2007. “Chained Down In Dirt” is their third full length and the follow up to 2014’s “Screaming Rock Believers” now read that album title… Continue Reading →

Vardan – From The Pale Moonlight (Moribund)

“Bloody Vardan’ and that’s not the first time I have muttered those words under my breath, after all this is the sixth album I have reviewed by him this year and it probably won’t be the last. He must sit… Continue Reading →

Vardan – Between Fog And Shadows (Moribund)

I am really beginning to lose track here. This appears to be the fifth Moribund released Vardan album I have reviewed this year but looking into things a little further the Sicilian workhorse has gone and sneaked out a couple… Continue Reading →

Vardan – Winter Woods (Moribund)

And here we go again! 5th album so far this year and it would appear his 13th so far, unlucky for some maybe but there’s no stopping the ever prolific Sicilian Vardan at his quest for misanthropic world domination. His… Continue Reading →

Vardan – Despicable Broken Hope (Moribund)

The despicable amount of releases continue from one man Sicilian workhorse Vardan and this is his third so far this year. Personally I thought he was going to aim for one a month but with the release date of this… Continue Reading →

Vardan – The Night The Loneliness (Moribund)

I almost deleted the digital promo for this thinking I had only just reviewed it but nope that was last month and ‘Verses From Ancient Times.’ Vardan is already on his second album of 2015 and if what the PR… Continue Reading →

EpisThemE – Descending Patterns (Slowburn)

Formed in 2010, this Italian band set about their debut album by dazzling us with a number of styles. Within the first two minutes, I’d heard an intense death-thrash riff, a strong progressive thread, death vocals, a moody jazz guitar… Continue Reading →

Vardan – Enjoy Of Deep Sadness (Moribund)

I have a feeling that if you look up ‘prolific’ in the dictionary you’ll find the standard definition crossed out and one man Italian atmospheric black metal band Vardan inserted. It’s what, about three albums in eighteen months? And depending… Continue Reading →

Steel Raiser – Regeneration (Pure Steel Records)

Italian power metal does not have to involve dragons, in fact Sicilian band Steel Raiser sound more like a ‘Painkiller’ era Judas Priest. Tracks like ‘Magic Circle’ and opener ‘Cyberlazer’ provide vocal styles similar to German metal bands, namely UDO… Continue Reading →

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