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Naked Star – Bloodmoon Prophecy (Voice of Azram)

There’s not a lot to say about Naked Star, the band, their Facebook page listing them as simply Tim and Jim, albeit a bit of research shows they are in order a multi-instrumentalist from Seamount and vocalist from Vampyromorpha. And… Continue Reading →

Seamount – Nitro Jesus (The Church Within)

If you are new to this here name then a) welcome, come on in and b) fair warning that Seamount are not here to shake their dicks for you. Understood? Good. So what are they here to do? Really? Well… Continue Reading →

Vestal Claret – The Cult of Vestal Claret (Cruz Del Sur)

This American duo has had some great releases in recent times, newly assigned to Cruz Del Sur, this is a full album release that encompasses previously available tracks (the entire four track ‘Ungod’ split is re-recorded along with a re-recording/different… Continue Reading →

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