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Runespell / Forest Mysticism – Wandering Forlorn (Iron Bonehead)

Runespell and Forest Mysticism may conjure up a lot of different preconceptions about what’s coming down the speaker cables and out of the bass bins: mad dwarves digging for gold, elves dancing in woodland glades…. armies of darkness marching their… Continue Reading →

Runespell – Voice Of Opprobrium (Iron Bonehead)

When I woke up this morning I was so happy, it was finally raining. I’m not sure how you readers feel about the weather but as a recent convert to preferring the winter I have to confess this change in… Continue Reading →

Runespell – Order of Vengeance (Iron Bonehead)

A long drawn out intro opens you up to the atmospheric black world of the one man machine that is Runespell. A guttural growl then gives permission to ‘Retribution In Iron’ to open up and showcase the musicianship of Nightwolf…. Continue Reading →

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