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Second Sun – Eländes Elände (Gaphals)

Sat as I am by a keyboard connected to an electronic system undreamed of in my youth that gives me access to all the information in the world I’m likely to need, and being in a position that I’m unlikely… Continue Reading →

Octopus – Supernatural Alliance (Rise Above)

In the words of founding member J Frezzato (formerly of Electric Six), Octopus is an underground, psychedelic rock beast which ‘just is’ for lack of a better and more accurate description. It doesn’t ‘conform’ to the millions of sub-genres, nor… Continue Reading →

The Golden Grass – Absolutely (Listenable Records)

Greetings fellow retronauts, it’s time to don your flares, drape your finest love beads around your necks, and set sail on the good ship ‘Absolutely’ care of Professor Plum Brandy, The Golden Goose, and The Fireball, a rock power trio… Continue Reading →

Vintage Caravan, Dead Lord, Landskap – London The Underworld,13/11/2016

A little bit of old school worship at The Underworld on a Sunday night is a perfect way to prepare for a new week. Icelandic power trio, The Vintage Caravan are once again laying waste to these shores and London… Continue Reading →

Crobot – Welcome To Fat City (Nuclear Blast)

Back in the mists of time, okay October 2014 to be honest (see Ave Noctum passim), I reviewed Crobot’s first release ‘Something Supernatural’, and revisiting that review, I guess I was less than generous, enjoying it, but not being blown… Continue Reading →

Beelzefuzz – The Righteous Bloom (The Church Within)

With their eponymous 2013 debut, Beelzefuzz pretty much set the bar for what those who also set sail on the good ship retro rock would have to live up to; an album that was simultaneously cutting edge and timeless, it… Continue Reading →

Brutus – Wandering Blind (Svart)

Retrosexual. How is that not a name yet? It could describe someone of any gender or sexuality who gets their rocks off by living with both bellbottom enclosed ankles in the period between 1968 and 1973. My sweet riff lord… Continue Reading →

The Golden Grass – Coming Back Again (Listenable)

It seems that the push for retro rock is continuing unabated, and I am personally looking forward with great anticipation to new releases this year from Blues Pills and Scorpion Child, acts that in years gone by have both ridden… Continue Reading →

Sacri Monti – S/T (Tee Pee)

There’s been a lot of retro rock, doom rock, occult rock of late (call it what you want) and apart from The Riddles, not many bands have picked up the psychedelic tag. This American band from California really keep the… Continue Reading →

Orchid – Sign Of The Witch (Nuclear Blast)

This E.P. came my way just as the heatwave rolled over the UK and, really, you couldn’t have more apt timing: Whether they are treading their more doom lit path with their seventies style take on global realpolitik, indulging in… Continue Reading →

The Exploding Eyes Orchestra -1 (Svart)

This band was formed by Thomas Corpse, who is also lead guitarist for “Jess and the Ancient Ones” and “Deathchain”, however I must confess right now I am not overly familiar with either of these bands so I will be… Continue Reading →

The Vintage Caravan – Arrival (Nuclear Blast)

My first encounter with this young Icelandic rock outfit was supporting Grand Magus in spring 2014 where I caught their last song and was immediately blown away by their energy and vibrancy. With two releases under their belts and their… Continue Reading →

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