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Maeskyyrn – Interlude (Hypnotic Dirge)

Ooo, here’s an oddity. This is the debut full length by Quebec based black metal band Maeskyyrn, but I have to say it doesn’t at first sight seem to fit in with the stuff I usually listen to from that… Continue Reading →

Keys Of Orthanc – A Battle In The Dark Lands Of The Eye… (Naturmacht)

I’m going to go ahead and be completely self-indulgent for a moment. When I get to review a second release from an artist in a row it really fills me with a sense of joy. As if I’m a part… Continue Reading →

Keys Of Orthanc – Dush Agh Golnauk (Naturmacht Productions)

Tolkien’s legacy will live forever as a benchmark for Fantasy literature and thanks to Peter Jackson a benchmark for Fantasy cinema as well. Although I have only ever had the pleasure of viewing the films a mistake I must rectify… Continue Reading →

Circle of Salt – Suffer the Cold (Avantgarde)

“Suffer the Cold” is the re-release of a 2015 work by a solo black metal artist from Québec, Canada, who operates under the name of Circle of Salt. This release interested me particularly because historically Canada has such a reputation… Continue Reading →

Janvier – S/T (Wolfspell)

Dunno but I always find it a little…well, humbling when a band sends in a full, beautifully designed digipak CD of their debut EP release. It at least should give the reviewer pause to think about what this music means… Continue Reading →

Interview – Forteresse

Forteresse. In the wake of their truly exceptional new album, Thèmes Pour La Rébellion (see the review if you haven’t already ) Ave Noctum were given the opportunity to send an interview the way of guitarist Moribond, a little bit… Continue Reading →

Dopethrone – Hochelaga (Totem Cat Records)

Hochelaga, as a quick online check tells me, is an area near Montreal in Quebec, whilst without needing to trouble Google, I can say with some authority that Dopethrone is not only one of Electric Wizard’s most influential albums, but… Continue Reading →

Deletere – Les Heures De La Peste (Sepulchral Productions)

For over fifteen years, quietly and confidently, Sepulchral Productions has been flying the flag for Canadian home-grown black metal, seeking out some of the country’s most intriguing, obscure artists and presenting them to the world stage. Having released albums by… Continue Reading →

Ether – Hymns Of Failures (Sepulchral Productions)

If you look up self-indulgent in the dictionary, you will find ‘e.g. one man black metal bands ‘. But hang on, think about this for a moment; who do you want them to ‘indulge’? Commercial interests? The mainstream? You? Or… Continue Reading →

Norilsk – The Idea Of The North (Hypnotic Dirge)

Most of the time when we get things from the Quebec region of Canada it is the areas own authentic take on black metal. This time however it’s doom and its death all in one slab. The band have even… Continue Reading →

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