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Phobetor – When Life Falls Silent (Black Jasper Records)

I’ve found that most debut albums fall into two categories. They are either a band that is still finding its feet and sound, and while a “good effort” nothing to particularly write home about, or they hit the ground running… Continue Reading →

Pythia – The Solace Of Ancient Earth (Golden Axe)

There’s no denying it, I’ve heard a lot of Symphonic Metal over many years (it wasn’t even called Symphonic Metal when I first got into it…) and I’m sure I’m not alone in recognizing how some bands from specific countries… Continue Reading →

Ancient Bards – Origine (The Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2) (Limb Music)

Part 2? What the hell happened to part 1? I was sure Ancient Bards’ previous album was called “A New Dawn Ending” back in 2014. Further investigation shows that this is actually a continuation of the story from their debut… Continue Reading →

Lunatic Hooker – Embracing The Filth (Black Bow)

Spawned out of a cocktail of frustration and disillusionment with the music industry, BOSS HM-2 pedals and a mixture of grindcore, southern USA styled Sludge and death metal, London based five piece Lunatic Hooker are certainly an interesting mix, just… Continue Reading →

Stream Of Passion, Pythia – London Underworld 13/10/16

And here it is, the final curtain. The news that Stream Of Passion were calling it a day came as a big and not very pleasant surprise. They want to move on and explore other musical endeavours apparently and lead… Continue Reading →

Pythia – Shadows Of A Broken Past (Golden Axe)

The UK doesn’t have a vast amount of Symphonic Metal bands, but of the few we have Pythia are one of our best – I love the fact that it was formed by a former member of the Mediaeval Baebes… Continue Reading →

Lyriel – Skin & Bones (AFM)

I have fairly enjoyed Lyriel since the German band’s third album ‘Paranoid Circus’ turned up via Femme Metal in 2009. From there the group got snapped up by AFM giving us ‘Leverage’ in 2012, an album I appear to have… Continue Reading →

Leaves Eyes, Pythia & Atrocity – London Garage 19/1/14

It’s generally quiet this time of year and after the mayhem of gigs in December it gives the much needed chance to refresh our batteries a bit. I couldn’t think of a much better band to see to start off… Continue Reading →

Victorians – Aristocrats’ Symphony (SR)

Welcome to the V-Lodge. Founded over 100 years ago in Victorian times, this was a place all about decadence when visual beauty was an aesthetic that had to be followed by anyone with serious notions about joining the aristocracy, well… Continue Reading →

Bloodstock Open Air Friday 10th August 2012

The way the bands were set up today was going to involve a lot of running backwards and forwards between stages to see the bands we wanted to. I also had fun shooting from the main arena rather than having… Continue Reading →

Pythia – The Serpent’s Curse

  Artist: Pythia Title: The Serpent’s Curse Type: Album Label: Golden Axe I have been keeping my beady eye on Pythia since they formed back in 2009 and released their debut album ‘Beyond The Veiled Embrace.’ They had that spark… Continue Reading →

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