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Tanith – In Another Time (Metal Blade)

Certainly an apt album title! Tanith are really going for that “In Another Time” vibe (man…), and there is plenty about their sound that is indeed from another era. They are certainly not your usual Metal Blade type band (a… Continue Reading →

Primitai – The Calling (Dissonance)

Based in the UK, a country surprisingly (and disappointingly) sparse in quality Melodic Metal bands, it’s great to hear a class act like Primitai flying the flag so confidently for old Blighty. Fledgling UK Metal bands (who aren’t pummeling their… Continue Reading →

Ayreon Universe – Best Of Ayreon – Live (Mascot)

If someone as musically innovative and fan-friendly as Arjen Lucassen is approached to release a ‘Best Of’, it’s pretty fair bet he will find a way to do it differently, in a way that treats his fans to something new…. Continue Reading →

Tytan – Justice Served (High Roller Records)

After witnessing a few live shows since their re-emergence, Tytan are more than your typical NWOBHM band. Their debut album may have come out a couple of years too late to be heralded as a major force in the original… Continue Reading →

Horisont – Odyssey (Rise Above)

Horisont go Prog! OK, it’s not a sonic U-Turn or anything, just a natural progression (pun intended) of their existing style, but here on “Odyssey”, Prog Rock is definitely in evidence from the start in it’s keyboard sprinkled, dual guitar-throwing,… Continue Reading →

Praying Mantis – Legacy (Frontiers Music)

Since 2009’s excellent ‘Sanctuary’ album, and subsequent 30th Anniversary EP and time in general, there have been some line-up changes a-foot. Drummer Hans In’t Zandt jins joins the ranks, but perhaps the most significant one is the addition of vocalist… Continue Reading →

Screamer – Phoenix (High Roller Records)

For some reason this Swedish band’s debut album did not connect with me at the time of the review cycle, since its release I’ve learnt to live with it, but ‘Phoenix’, their second full length album is an absolute metal… Continue Reading →

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