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Cauchemar – Chapelle Ardente (Nuclear War Now)

With full length album number two, ‘Chapelle Ardente’ ups the stakes in terms of quality of song writing in comparison to this Canadian nightmare’s last album ‘Tenebrario’. Similar is the heavy/doom metal flavour with an added peppering of NWOBHM, the… Continue Reading →

Purson – In the Meantime (Machine Elf)

Critically acclaimed ‘The Circle and the Blue Door’ cemented Purson as one of the UK’s greatest retro-psychedelia acts. Emerging from a hazy cloud of hookah smoke, the five-piece are back with EP ‘In the Meantime’. Rosalie Cunningham’s vocals are placed… Continue Reading →

Birth Of Joy – Prisoner (Long Branch/SPV)

The interesting and talented recent crop of retro-rock/metal bands is a lush one indeed. Though Dutch 3 piece Birth Of Joy are new to me they have been steadily building a healthy following since their inception in 2005. “Prisoner” (album… Continue Reading →

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