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Brain Story – madeinside (S/R)

A Polish guy called Mariusz Kumala has created a progressive psychedelic rock project depicting musical space travel. “madeinside” is its latest incarnation. “madeinside” is indeed like a journey through the clouds. Echoing, synthesised voices, cosmic interventions and other wordliness are… Continue Reading →

Au-Dessus – End of Chapter (Les Acteurs de l’Ombre)

Lithuania’s Au-Dessus promise to “push the post black metal borders out” with this album. What I heard in the initial stages was something akin to Novembre, building up in ferocity and intensity. In fact “VI” – “I” to “V” are… Continue Reading →

Shores Of Null – Black Drapes For Tomorrow (Candlelight Records)

I bought this band’s debut at the Inferno Festival in 2016 along with a shirt as they were one of the best bands of the festival and I admit to being a bit nervy about this sophomore album as the… Continue Reading →

Rome in Monochrome – Karma Anubis (Wintersleep Records)

Now I’m sorry but this is just incredibly frustrating – a band comes to the table with a lengthy biography, extensive details on the band members’ past activities and some bold pronouncements of blending post rock, shoegaze and doom. Sounds… Continue Reading →

Raspail – Dirge (Sick Man Getting Sick)

Raspail is a very interesting project. Formed by former members of Novembre, Klimt 1918, Psychotic Despair and Room with a View, they describe “Dirge” pictorially and vividly: “the old rural landscape all around Rome, cherished by the Romantic poets, with… Continue Reading →

Abduction – Une Ombre Régit les Ombres (Finisterian Dead End)

“Autumnal black metal” is the designation given to this work by French band Abduction. I guess that means the array of colours, shorter days turning into longer nights, wind, storms and the spirit of the album’s title which translates as… Continue Reading →

Numenorean – Home (Season of Mist)

Numenorean is a post-black metal band from Canada. Reading that their music “embraces beauty, harshness, brutality, and melancholy in equal measure”, we are invited to draw comparison with Alcest and Deafheaven amongst others. Such description immediately made me think of… Continue Reading →

Novembre – URSA (Peaceville)

It’s amazing. I can’t describe it any other way. When one of my absolute favourite bands releases an album after nine years of nothing, at least in the album-releasing sense, it is just amazing. “Classica” (1999), “Novembrine Waltz” (2001), “The… Continue Reading →

Deadly Carnage – Manthe (ATMF)

I encountered this Italian black metal act in 2011 with the release of their second full length “Sentiero II – Ceneri” a rather strange and brooding mix of songs underpinned by black metal. Seven tunes occupy this third album and… Continue Reading →

Acacia – Tills döden skiljer oss åt (Art Of Propaganda)

This is an album I have been trying to put internet pen to paper down for a while but it keeps making me to come back for another listen and it is not a short album either. Acacia on paper… Continue Reading →

Resonance Room – Untouchable Failure (My Kingdom Music)

Dark imagery is at the centre of this work by Resonance Room from Italy. The tones and structures are in the mould of Katatonia, Anathema and Moonspell, and there’s a leaning towards the progressive end of things. But what dominates… Continue Reading →

The Fall Of Every Season – Amends (Grau Records)

The Fall Of Every Season comprises of a single person, Marius Strand who takes care of vocals, instruments and programming. ‘Amends’ is his second album and like with many one man bands there’s the possibility that this is either hit… Continue Reading →

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