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Vampire – Rex (Century Media)

‘Rex’ is a long awaited follow up to 2017’s ‘With Primeval Force’ which developed the band from their debut release. Here on ‘Rex’ I find them going back in the majority to their early sound whilst still retaining those lesson… Continue Reading →

Inferno Festival Day Three – Oslo Rockefeller and John Dee 20/4/19

Having cleared the hangover with a big breakfast, I made my annual trip to the infamous Neseblod store. I have written about this in previous years’ reviews so won’t go into detail except to say that Neseblod has a huge place in… Continue Reading →

Obliteration – Cenotaph Obscure (Indie)

Norway placed itself upon the metallic map with its infamous Black Metal scene, something which really took Metal to new Extreme heights. Yet beneath all that there is a rich Death Metal scene. Even Darkthrone’s debut Soulside Journey took a… Continue Reading →

Condor – Unstoppable Power (High Roller)

Originally a black thrash outfit from Norway, when I first saw these guys live at London Live Evil fest they looked very young indeed, maturing in age and musicianship we now have their second full length release ‘Unstoppable Power’. The… Continue Reading →

Obliteration – Black Death Horizon (Indie)

Obliteration’s debut album was one which took me by surprise, discovered by chance in a second-hand record shop some months back. Packed full of tight-picked riffs, blasts, hellish atmosphere and infernal roars, 2007’s ‘Perpetual Decay’ is a beautiful amalgamation of… Continue Reading →

Interview – Deathhammer

Deathhammer could have been spawned back in 1985, their fast aggressive version of thrash is a breath of fresh in a sometimes complacent wider appealing thrash genre. What sets these guys apart is their ease of delivery; their music is… Continue Reading →

Deathhammer – Onward to the Pits (Hells Headbangers Records)

These Norwegian’s took my breath away a while back when they performed at the first Live Evil festival in London. Yes ok, it can be said that they first shot into the limelight living off a Fenriz (Darkthrone) band of… Continue Reading →

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