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Akando – Attack from Ambush (Boersma)

The last time I heard music of Native American heritage and influence was in the early 1970s, when Redbone released a number of pop gems, among them “Witch Queen from New Orleans”, “Wovoka”, “Come and Get Your Love” and the… Continue Reading →

Nechochwen – Heart Of Akamon (Nordvis)

One of the least mentioned aspects of this misunderstood-but-we’re-secretly-glad metal genre we all love is the willingness to explore and embrace other cultures, particularly in their mythic or historical sense. Yeah, the Daily Hate wouldn’t believe it, but it does…. Continue Reading →

Blood Of The Black Owl – Light The Fires (Bindrune Recordings)

One thing you should be fully aware of before listening to this and anything from Washington natives Blood Of The Black Owl is that it will take you on a spiritual journey; Light The Fires is no exception. The second… Continue Reading →

Nechochwen – OtO (Bindrune Recordings)

According to the band the title if translated could mean “ancestor” and OtO focuses on the guidance our ancestors bring to us in modern times. Well considering what we have heard in the past fromWest Virginiaduo Nechochwen like their last… Continue Reading →

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