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Impalement – The Impalement (S/R)

A one-man brutal juggernaut is one of the latest additions to the blackened death metal underworld, and the Swiss mastermind, Beliath, has exploded onto the landscape with his technically astute first born, ‘The impalement’. Weighing in at just 7 tracks,… Continue Reading →

Enevelde – Enevelde (Terratur Possessions)

At the helm of this solo project is Norwegian multi-instrumentalist B. Kråbøl who also has another project called Misotheist that I’m not familiar with but has a single self-titled album released in 2018. It appears Mr Kråbøl has decided to… Continue Reading →

Hate – Auric Gates of Veles (Metal Blade Records)

The music of Hate is the epitome of Polish death metal. Discuss. Having been around for 28 years, the warmongering isn’t over yet. “Auric Gates of Veles” is the band’s eleventh album. I think it’s the sustained contempt which is… Continue Reading →

Minas Morgul – Kult (Trollzorn)

German black metal tends to conjure up the same common denominators in the form of Endstille, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Nargaroth and Black Messiah et al, but there is a new addition to add to this commonly perceived saturated genre, and… Continue Reading →

Asagraum – Potestas Magicum Diaboli (KVLT Records)

Asagraum are a two piece Black Metal outfit based in the Netherlands. T.Kolsvart blasts from behind the kit whilst Obscura handles low end, guitars and vocals, whilst live they are joined by Mortifero or Makhasanah.  This is the band’s first… Continue Reading →

Belphegor – Totenritual (Nuclear Blast)

Belphegor were born in Austria, in 1991, and came under the moniker of Betrayer, before finally sticking with the present name in 1993. In Demonology, Belphegor is a demon, and more specifically, one of the seven princes of hell. Also… Continue Reading →

Nargaroth – Era Of Threnody (Inter Arma Productions)

Germany’s Nargaroth should need no introduction to any black metal fan as the band headed up by Ash whose creative genius has given the black metal community some truly spectacular releases since the bands inception in the mid-1990s. It is… Continue Reading →

Heimdalls Wacht – Geisterseher (Trollzorn)

Thank god – and by that I mean the guardian of Bifrost himself – that Heimdalls Wacht has returned. Last year’s full-length was all over the place – bloated, too reliant on the clichés of the genre and too long… Continue Reading →

Heimdalls Wacht – Ut de Graute Olle Tied (Deel II) – Land der Nebel (Black Skull Records)

You have to admire a band that kicks off an album with a genre-defining epic that most other bands would have saved until the very last. The 13 minute pagan metal standard bearer – and add a couple of minutes… Continue Reading →

Incineration Festival – London Garage 10/5/14

  This new and highly anticipated festival catering for the extreme black and death metal audiences had been creating a lot of interest almost as soon as it was announced and with each new band getting added, the bill just… Continue Reading →

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