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Black Metal The Cult Never Dies Volume 1 – Dayal Patterson

There’s a good chance you have already hungrily devoured Black Metal – Evolution Of The Cult, the authoritative tome and the most essential book on the genre in years, released at the tail end of 2013. If not you should… Continue Reading →

THAW – Earth Ground (Witching Hour Productions)

When it comes to black metal, Poland are a country that really can’t go wrong; from the likes of Cultes Des Ghoules to Mgła, it seems they’re a nation that have perfected the art without paying too much homage to… Continue Reading →

Erebus Enthroned – Temple Under Hell (Seance Records)

Great album cover. Let’s get that out of the way now – a brooding, immense painting of a cavernous underground temple with only a few thin shafts of light penetrating the murk, it’s a hark back to the days of… Continue Reading →

Túrin Turambar – Rzeczpospolita Czartowska (SR)

Whilst Poland may be more famous for its brutal death metal scene, its black metal scene is often overlooked. Bands like Mgla, early Graveland, and of course Behemoth hold their head high against their Nordic contemporaries. As with their death… Continue Reading →

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