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End of Green – Void Estate (Napalm Records)

“Dark. Loud. Stuttgart” is what’s written about End of Green. I’m not sure what image I’m supposed to have of Stuttgart other than a picture of urban Germany. I’m not entirely convinced about the “loud” part either as what I… Continue Reading →

Vly – I / (Time) (Laser’s Edge)

I was attracted to this album in the first instance by the concept: a Transatlantic collaboration of musicians, an Italian keyboard player, a Swedish drummer but most important of all, an eclectic range of progressive influences and an interest in… Continue Reading →

SlavEATgoD – The Skyline Fission (No Regrets Records)

An interesting intro to the second album release from this Athens-based band gives a suggestion of something djenty-progressive with electro touches. Such intros can be indicative of what follows or meaningless. Here it’s indicative, at least for the following two… Continue Reading →

End of Green – The Painstream (Napalm)

This is the eighth album by End of Green, so it’s not surprising that this album is presented with great clarity. Their production is geared to interesting rock songs with gloomy themes and gothic touches. They don’t need to rely… Continue Reading →

Minutian – Repercussions (SR)

In the same way that Tool redefine musical boundaries and structures, so do Minutian from Finland. ”Repercussions” matches the claim they make to have an unusual angle on progressive music. What is remarkable is that it is their debut album…. Continue Reading →

Tempus Fusion – To End It All (SR)

“All you will ever know is war” is the ominous message from the well-spoken orator on the atmospheric and gothic-sounding opener “As We March to the Fields of War”. Mr Tim Goatham’s project continues evocatively into a canvas of purposeful… Continue Reading →

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