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Mythra – Still Burning (High Roller)

North East NWOBHM band Mythra’s comeback a couple of years ago with shows at Newcastle’s Brofest and Germany’s Keep It True festival certainly ignited a flame. With an official anthology released recently by Skol Records (others have been released without… Continue Reading →

Savage Master – With Whips and Chains (High Roller)

Formed 3 years ago, Kentucky is the birthplace for this band, who caught my attention with their pre-debut album demo tracks. ‘With Whips and Chains’ is their second release and it is a big leap forward compared to their debut… Continue Reading →

Interview – Deep Machine

Deep Machine are a highly entertaining live band, having formed back in 1979, they reactivated themselves about 5 years ago. Since then, these London NWOBHM troopers have had early recordings re-released, had a new EP release, but it has taken… Continue Reading →

Deep Machine – Rise of the Machine (High Roller)

London’s Deep Machine is a reactivated NWOBHM band that I have had the pleasure of seeing live on a few occasions. Their live shows are always top notch and energetic and this is actually their first full length release since… Continue Reading →

Borrowed Time – Borrowed Time (High Roller Records)

Finally! This US band has a debut album out with new tracks and a fresh approach to traditional heavy metal. Their previous EP’s, singles and demos have been of a high standard and this continues to be the case for… Continue Reading →

High Spirits – 2013 (High Roller Records)

Many may have caught the hype in April when these American chaps rocked the European shores. For us in the UK we got London and Newcastle, for me personally, I caught them in Germany. Live they are pretty amazing, on… Continue Reading →

Attic – Attic (Metal Punx Rex)

Since discovering this band a couple of weeks ago, Attic (from Germany) are a real heavy metal band, if you like anything from Mercyful Fate to something like what Portrait and In Solitude are doing right now, then you need… Continue Reading →

Trappazat – From Dusk Till Dawn (High Roller Records)

The story of Trappazat starts in Telford, England, somewhere in the 1980’s. Following the demise of Scarab, Paul Britton had a varied career in music, and eventually got to record these tracks you have on offer here. Now, after recent… Continue Reading →

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