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Maud the Moth – Orphne (Música Máxica)

It is surprising how hard it is to be out of your comfort zone when it comes to music. Sometimes the most challenging music is not the most complex or the most extreme. Rather, it can be music that is… Continue Reading →

Lord Dying – Mysterium Tremendum (eOne)

Portland, Oregon. It seems as if one in every three new doom albums from the USA hail from this location. In fairness to Lord Dying, they’ve been going since 2010, so at the very least have some proper heritage to… Continue Reading →

The Mystery of the Bulgarian Voices feat. Lisa Gerrard – BooCheMish (Prophecy)

Now, this is really something completely different. Something we probably haven’t covered here yet and you most likely haven’t come across so far. This is neither dark folk nor neo folk, nothing related to a Northern tradition, this is pretty… Continue Reading →

Auri – Auri (Nuclear Blast)

Ideally, side-projects should be different from the full-time band that the main protagonist is known for, otherwise many would argue what’s the point, and Tuomas Halopainen from Nightwish has always been well aware of this. Whether it’s the classy turn-of-the-millennium… Continue Reading →

Diablo Swing Orchestra – Pacifisticuffs (Candlelight Records)

I don’t know how it’s possible not to appreciate Diablo Swing Orchestra, but I suppose we all have different circuitry, which provides our different or even non-existent tastes in music. This is their fourth album of jazz swing metal, laced… Continue Reading →

Deep Sun – Race Against Time (S/R)

It’s always nice to stumble across a new band, even more so when it’s a band of the quality of Deep Sun who somehow are unsigned and really do deserve a proper record deal. What we have here is high-end… Continue Reading →

Pythia – Shadows Of A Broken Past (Golden Axe)

The UK doesn’t have a vast amount of Symphonic Metal bands, but of the few we have Pythia are one of our best – I love the fact that it was formed by a former member of the Mediaeval Baebes… Continue Reading →

Nucleus Torn – Street Lights Fail (Prophecy)

So, have you ever thought to yourself “I really wish that Tori Amos would just Metal things up a bit, y’know? Keep all that sombre melancholy but up the Prog Metal factor?” Nope, me neither, but in the hope that… Continue Reading →

Liv Kristine – Libertine (Napalm Records)

Those that have followed this site and its predecessor with any regularity will know that my penchant for Liv Kristine’s unique voice were sown way back when she was in Theatre Of Tragedy. I have followed her solo career and… Continue Reading →

Coralspin – Honey and Lava – (Altrospire Music)

With a title like “Lava and Honey”, an intriguing mix is promised. There is a suggestion of quirkiness. On offer is a band quoting Yes and Genesis as influences, and amongst its members a female singer Ellie Blythe who is… Continue Reading →

Eklipse – A Night in Strings (Soul Food Records)

“A Night in Strings” is an apt title. The strings in question are two violins, one viola and a cello, played by this female quartet fromGermany. This collection of covers from such varied artists as LinkinPark, Depeche Mode, Lady Gaga… Continue Reading →

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