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Devil Hunter – Jess Franco (88 Films)

Welcome to the latest instalment of the so bad its good film appreciation society and we have a corker this time round in the form of Jess Franco’s 1980 video nasty Devil Hunter. This is one of the very quick… Continue Reading →

Cannibal Terror – Alain Deruelle (88 Films)

So who has sat through all of the 72 video nasties? If you have you certainly will have shuddered at the memory of a few shockers in more ways than one. For every Evil Dead there is a Night Of… Continue Reading →

Zombie Lake – Jean Rollin (Black House)

Killing Nazis was just part of the battle during WWII if you believe some of the more exploitative films knocking around the celluloid wasteland. The problem being according to the whims of various directors and producers is that they had… Continue Reading →

Helga She Wolf Of Stilberg – Alain Garnier (Maison Rouge)

Waiting impatiently for the next series of Orange Is The New Black and Wentworth? If you lived during the 70’s and 80’s it was pretty much the same with our limited TV channels and programmes like Prisoner Cell Block H… Continue Reading →

Female Vampire – Jess Franco (Maison Rouge)

Film collectors may well remember Odeon Entertainment, the company who among many other titles delivered Witchfinder General and Blood On Satan’s Claw to the Blu-Ray format in the UK. Re-established as Screenbound they have gone and set up not 1… Continue Reading →

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Miss Osbourne – Walerian Borowczyk (Arrow)

There was plenty of treasure in the works of Robert Louis Stevenson for budding filmmakers to unearth, none more so than in his Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde written in 1886. It’s an eldritch gas-lit, Victoriana horror… Continue Reading →

Electric Wizard – Time To Die (Spinefarm)

They’re back, those filthy hippies with their long hair and degenerate ways, trying to entice people back into their devil worshipping ways with the offer of Satanic doom, drugs, b-movies and freakish sex. They are all combined here as “allegedly”… Continue Reading →

Camille 2000 – Radley Metzger (Arrow)

This is the first of three movies that have lovingly been restored and released on Arrow video from cult adult film director Radley Metzger. The films including this The Score and The Lickerish Quartet which will also be reviewed here… Continue Reading →

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