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Astral Winter – Perdition II (Immortal Frost Productions)

Perdition II huh? Well I missed Perdition I so can’t give you a comparison as to how the pieces fit together, so this is simply based on what I have. It’s that odd genre of music again; you know, the… Continue Reading →

Cryfemal – Eterna Oscuridad (Immortal Frost Productions)

Wow is it really four years since Ebola and drummer Bornyhake Ormenos poured their insatiable scorn on the earth with 2016’s ‘D6s6nti6rro’, an album I reviewed for Ave Noctum here. Indeed it’s hard to believe that they could even match… Continue Reading →

Unmensch – Scorn (Immortal Frost Productions)

I was surprised to learn that Unmensch hadn’t been snapped up as a name. It’s as it sounds. This is a cold and misanthropic black metal band from Belgium, with whom, we’re told, comparisons can be made with the likes… Continue Reading →

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