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Evohe – Deus Sive Natura (Folter Records)

‘Deus Sive Natura’ translates from the Latin meaning ‘God Or Nature’ and is fitting to the 3rd release from the French black metal crew Evohe. ‘Deus Sive Natura is full of melody and splendour and touches on the more atmospheric… Continue Reading →

Celtachor – Fiannaoícht (Trollzorn)

Ah yes: the windswept moors, endless days of rain, blue woad and blood sacrifice for cruel gods of the far reaches of the Western world. Unless you’ve been buried in a peat bog for the past decade, you won’t have… Continue Reading →

Nydvind – Seas of Oblivion (Malpermesita Records)

I can’t exactly remember how I discovered Nydvind. I suspect I picked up one of their tracks from a sampler, which came with a French metal magazine. I do remember buying “Eternal Winter Domain” (2003). I played it to myself… Continue Reading →

Caïnan Dawn – F.O.H.A.T. (Osmose)

Caïnan Dawn’s last opus hit me like a lorry load of corpse paint. Rumbling, muscular black metal with a mission to drown you in wave upon wave of bass-heavy sound that requires nothing more of you than to stop, listen… Continue Reading →

Abduction – Une Ombre Régit les Ombres (Finisterian Dead End)

“Autumnal black metal” is the designation given to this work by French band Abduction. I guess that means the array of colours, shorter days turning into longer nights, wind, storms and the spirit of the album’s title which translates as… Continue Reading →

Timor et Tremor – For Cold Shades (Trollzorn)

This is the third album release from German black metal band Timor et Tremor. On a personal level, one of the interesting things I picked up on a was that one of the members is part of Burden of Grief,… Continue Reading →

Himinbjorg – Wyrd (Osmose)

After various encounters with Himinbjorg in the past, most of them fleeting, the arrival of Wyrd was a good opportunity for me to get deep down into the French pagan black metal undergrowth, slap on the woad and ready my… Continue Reading →

Various Artists – One And All, Together, For Home (Season Of Mist)

This is a pretty huge undertaking. The review I mean not the album… Seventeen songs, many of them not short, by a collection of black/pagan metal luminaries brought together by Roman Seyenko of Drudkh with the idea of exploring the… Continue Reading →

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