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Next to None – Phases (Inside Out)

I first came across Next to None this year when they accompanied Haken on tour. Loads of action and variety are what I remember about the performance of this band from USA. “Phases” is their second album. “Answer Me” sets… Continue Reading →

Haken, The Algorithm and Next to None – London Islington Assembly Hall 26/3/17

Tonight marked a special event, not because of Mother’s Day or England v Lithuania, but because the UK has apparently become a continent, if the tour banner “Touring Europe and the UK” is anything to go by. What we did… Continue Reading →

Brutai – Born (Transcend Music)

Thanks to considerable publicity, I have read a lot about modern metal band Brutai and was surprised to learn that this is their debut album. I was particularly interested in this release as they are due to play at ProgPower… Continue Reading →

Haken, Special Providence and Arkentype – London Garage 26/5/16

The prospect of seeing three different types of prog band was enticing. The Garage at Highbury is one my favourite venues, so the signs were good. I very much looked forward to this evening. First on was Arkentype from Norway…. Continue Reading →

Haken – Affinity (Inside Out Records)

Like many, I have always enjoyed Haken’s original take on progressive music and their live shows. Their 2013 album “The Mountain”, which was full of feeling and originality, knocked me out and added to an already impressive portfolio. So I… Continue Reading →

Messenger – Threnodies (Inside Out)

This version of Messenger is the London-based progressive rock band. I’ve heard of them but I confess that this is the first time I’d listened to any of their work. What struck me at first was the clean and dreamy… Continue Reading →

Between the Buried and Me – Coma Ecliptic (Metal Blade)

My most recent encounter with Between the Buried and Me was via a guest appearance by the vocalist Tommy Rogers on Abnormal Thought Patterns’s latest album. That didn’t work for me but the thing with this band, whose seventh album… Continue Reading →

Arcane: Known-Learned (Sensory)

Sometimes you hear a story and it’s just a load of whinging, while on other occasions the person or musicians telling the story have something to say and I feel a connection. I find I can make that distinction in… Continue Reading →

Kekal – Autonomy (Whirlwind Records)

I sat bolt upright and took notice. This is the strange and remarkable world of Kekal, the band from Indonesia who have existed since 1995, have released nine albums and yet have no members after they all left in 2009…. Continue Reading →

ProgPower Europe, Friday 4th to Sunday 6th October 2013 at Baarlo, Holland.

Part 1 Friday and Saturday ProgPower Europe has been part of my calendar since 2005. I’ve always looked forward to my annual pilgrimage to this top quality event. In the main, this year’s list of bands left me a bit… Continue Reading →

Lalu – Atomic Ark (Sensory Records)

There are so many contributing musicians here on this progressive metal work that it needs one person to hold them together. That one person is Frenchman Vivien Lalu, and what an impressive group of musicians he has assembled. The supporting… Continue Reading →

Tesseract – Altered State (Century Media)

Tesseract, or TesseracT if you prefer, are a respected Prog band who can lay claim in part to the foundation of the style known as “djent”. This album, their second full work, is split into four groupings: “Of Matter, Of… Continue Reading →

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