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Jackie D – The J Spot (Infected Records)

OK before I start let’s just shift this here elephant out of the room; that’s a terrible cover and this day and age I’m not convinced there’s an excuse unless it’s deliberately bad. Thankfully this isn’t an art review. Sadly,… Continue Reading →

Greenleaf – Rise Above The Meadow (Napalm)

There’s the moment that the big fat riff to opener ‘A Million Fireflies ‘ clubs you in the face like an over -friendly grizzly bear with a sound so impossibly perfect stoner, that you just want to lie back and… Continue Reading →

Mammoth Mammoth – Mammoth Bloody Mammoth (Napalm)

It was early 2015 when Aussie sleaze merchants Mammoth Mammoth let loose upon the earth their own personal tribute to the riff ‘Volume IV – Hammered Again’ (see Ave Noctum passim for review). Now, with a new year on the… Continue Reading →

Desertfest – London 6-8 April 2012 Part 1

Desertfest – London 6-8 April 2012  (Or ‘An Old Person Survives Three Days In The Desert) Day One: Despite being hardly adverse to the odd monumental riff and Spirit Caravan style fuzzed out bliss I kind of lost touch with that… Continue Reading →

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