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Long Distance Calling – How Do We Want To Live (InsideOut)

I suppose most of you know or have at least heard of the Israeli historian and philosopher Yuval Noah Harari and his multi-discipline insights into the history of and the prospects for the human species. If you don’t know him,… Continue Reading →

One More Word – Wheel of Suffering (Boersma)

From my favourite German city Hamburg come One More Word. I can tell you that they play modern metalcore and previously released a single and an EP in their four years of existence. You now know everything about them that… Continue Reading →

Necrochaos – Crawling Through Cadavers (Godz Ov War)

Originally released in October 2019 this worthy demo has been quickly picked up by the Polish label for a physical release. At the helm of this project is multi-instrumentalist Eugene Kohl from Germany who has many other projects under his… Continue Reading →

Almyrkvi / The Ruins Of Beverast – Split (Ván Records)

There may only be four tracks on this split release but with an average running time of 10 minutes each there is plenty to immerse yourself in and it certainly is not lacking in substance. Both bands could be considered… Continue Reading →

YounA – Zornvlouch (Into Endless Chaos Records)

Black metal has always been a breeding ground for solo projects of widely varying quality, many of which release albums at ridiculous rates much of which are just garbage. Taking the time to write quality black metal where one individual… Continue Reading →

Bait – Revelation of the Pure (LADLO Productions)

Bait, three guys from Würzburg, Germany, certainly don’t lack ideas, nor energy. There is so much happening on their album Revelation of the Pure that you don’t know where to direct your attention first. Pressing play is like a whirlwind… Continue Reading →

Killing A Lion – Bombs Of Affection (Boersma Records)

North-Rhine Westphalian quartet Killing A Lion are a band who have stated that they don’t feel like their sound should be confined by a simplistic genre tag. Usually, a statement like this has the mental klaxon’s blaring, the red lights… Continue Reading →

Uprising – II (Wolfsgrimm Records)

The very rare occasions post has arrived during lockdown has been much appreciated and the timing was certainly perfect as far as Uprising are concerned a German one-man outfit with themes of decency and class discontent complete with a plague… Continue Reading →

Wolves Den – Miserere (Trollzorn Records)

The second album by Germany’s Wolves Den is fine example of how to modernise black metal yet retain the hallmarks of the genre to record something that’s a bit different to the norm but sits conformably within the genre’s core… Continue Reading →

Árstíðir lífsins – Saga á tveim tungum II: Eigi fjǫll né firðir (Ván Records)

Árstíðir lífsins is bleakly grandiose pagan metal inspired by skaldic writings of the past. An altogether different league to the hordes of Viking metal bands that have swamped us in the past two or three decades. This is metal as… Continue Reading →

Thoughts Factory – Elements (Melodic Revolution Records)

With the cover art and a name like Thoughts Factory, it was always going to be a bit of a surprise if this German band turned out to be brutal Death Metal. Nope, Progressive Metal of a high standard is… Continue Reading →

Vuur & Zijde / Impavida self-titled split (Prophecy Productions)

Word has it that grim epicness meets transcendental aural darkness. What this means is that this is a split from Vuur & Zijde from the Netherlands, and the German-US combo Impavada. So first we have Vuur & Zijde, I’d heard… Continue Reading →

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