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Forgotten Tomb – Nihilistic Estrangement (Agonia)

Well it’s estranged times for all of us but thankfully this has not stopped Italian outfit Forgotten Tomb from knocking up their tenth album, even if it does mean a planned tour with Vanhelga and Totalselfhatred (which I would have… Continue Reading →

Whiskey Ritual – Black Metal Ultras (Folter Records)

Filthy, raw, drug & alcohol obsessed black metal with added Satan & hookers….. sounds fucking great doesn’t it…. and guess what, it is! These Italian animals are coming in your ears with this, their fourth album and the follow up… Continue Reading →

Formalist – No One Will Shine Anymore (Third I Rex)

That’s one attention catching album cover and although I recognised the photo I wasn’t entirely sure about the story behind it and had to go searching. At first I was convinced it was some sort of satanic crime being represented… Continue Reading →

Atra Vetosus – Apricity (Immortal Frost)

Calm tones turn to anguish and rage. This is Atra Vetosus from Australia. As the band played on majestically, it was if someone had set fire to the howling vocalist. Nature and paganism came to mind as I listened to… Continue Reading →

Forgotten Tomb – We Owe You Nothing (Agonia)

A bit of Winter Depression from Italy’s finest miserablists, although it is fair to say they have gone down a bit more of a hateful route of late. Proving that there is a method to Forgotten Tomb’s madness ‘We Owe… Continue Reading →

Ash And Coal – Legacy (ViciSolum Productions)

It was way back in 2013 when we last heard from dark rock band Ash And Coal who had kindly sent in their EP ‘Agnostica’ to us on vinyl. At the time I was pretty impressed with their moribund but… Continue Reading →

Forgotten Tomb – Hurt Yourself And The Ones You Love (Agonia)

A new slice of depressive megalomania from Italian misery merchants Forgotten Tomb is always a welcome proposition. Even if musically they have gotten a bit less gloomy since their early more depressive days you can tell by the title of… Continue Reading →

Bethlehem – Hexakosiohexakontahexaphobia (Prophecy)

Yeah, that’s one mouthful of a title (the fear of the number ‘666’ apparently) but we’ll get onto that later. More significantly, this release underlines the fact that the godfathers of depressive black metal are back and mean business –… Continue Reading →

Janvs – Nigredo (Avantgarde)

Janvs unwittingly encountered some form of infamy when an ex editor of a well-known printed publication caught them up in an act of Antifa cleansing as having NS sympathies. Although this was hotly disputed the ban hammer had struck and… Continue Reading →

Sado Sathanas – Nomos Hamartia (Naturmacht Productions)

That’s Lucifer on the front cover, chomping on betrayers Judas, Brutus and Cassius. The cover is based on a painting from the Divine Comedy, and this is combined with drawings by Hieronymus Bosch, with the artwork inside representing the seven… Continue Reading →

Forgotten Tomb, Ereb Altor & Isole – London Garage 6/5/13

If you were not in the know and got a certain case of deja-vu over the first couple of bands it is not surprising as both Ereb Altor and Isole share several members. Isole were the first of the brawny… Continue Reading →

Darktrance – Pessimum (Bad Mood Man)

Darktrance is the project of sole member Deimos (also of Cold Resistance and Dargoth), a Ukrainian dark metal band which was created in 2007. ‘Pessimum’ is the projects third album, purveying a twisted brand of doomy dark metal that brims… Continue Reading →

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