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Firtan – Okeanos (AOP Records)

At a recent Wolves in the Throne Room gig I was chatting to a friend about our musical preferences in the world of extreme music and while we both enjoy most subgenres his leaning is more towards bludgeoning death metal,… Continue Reading →

Finsterforst – YOLO (Napalm)

When is a covers EP not a covers EP? When it’s two EPs really stretching over forty minutes and without a Moonsorrow epic in sight. One part is original songs, one of ‘pop’ covers (half of which I’ve never even… Continue Reading →

Moonsorrow – Jumalten Aika (Century Media)

Let me start by being completely upfront. This is Moonsorrow’s best album for more than a decade. Perhaps even one of their best yet. It’s a melting pot of all that has gone before and if you’re not hooked in… Continue Reading →

Himinbjorg – Wyrd (Osmose)

After various encounters with Himinbjorg in the past, most of them fleeting, the arrival of Wyrd was a good opportunity for me to get deep down into the French pagan black metal undergrowth, slap on the woad and ready my… Continue Reading →

Finsterforst – Mach Dich Frei (Napalm)

Had anyone feared that Freiburg’s Finsterforst might have opted for a radical departure from the winning formula of their last album Rastlos, rest easy. Not only is that atmospheric pagan metal sound still fully intact, this might as well be… Continue Reading →

Trollfest, Finsterforst & Cryptic Forest – London Underworld 21/4/14

This was going to be a fun one and it was nice to see that a few people were dressed for the occasion wearing lab coats and bee hats to add to the zaniness that the headlining trolls were going… Continue Reading →

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