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Vintersea – Illuminated (M-Theory Audio)

Even though this super-talented American band are new to me, this is actually their second release, which I am assured follows on perfectly from their previous album released in 2017. To be fair, there is so much variation and melded… Continue Reading →

Unleash The Archers – Apex (Napalm)

Still resolutely having nothing to do with peach schnapps or BBC Radio 4, Canadian Metallers Unleash The Archers unleash (obviously…) their much anticipated fourth album. Ready to pound and plunder in equal measure, the band continue to straddle Metal territory… Continue Reading →

Divine Ascension – Liberator (ViciSolum)

“Why do you always make a point of saying Female-fronted in your reviews?” a friend of mine commented recently. “Because you don’t say Male-fronted Metal do you?” continued my friend (rapidly hurtling toward the rank of acquaintance…). Despite me thinking… Continue Reading →

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