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Beneath The Massacre – Fearmonger (Century Media)

Deathcore, or diet Death Metal as I like to call it, has been a mark upon the Metal world since its inception. My feelings on the genre have gone from love to hate to somewhere in the middle over the… Continue Reading →

Despised Icon – Purgatory (Nuclear Blast)

This is a strange one and I tell you why. It’s strange because there is much mumbling, tutting, sideways looks, eye rolling, slagging off, looking down at etc. etc. of the genre known as Deathcore. What is Deathcore may you… Continue Reading →

Carnifex – Slow Death (Nuclear Blast)

Reading album reviews of the deathcore scene has taken the approach of slating them without justification on both the digital and printed media to the point that it is tedious and serves no purpose to the outlet or the band… Continue Reading →

Despised Icon – Beast (Nuclear Blast)

Back in 2010 Canadian trailblazers Despised Icon called it quits after their final show in Montreal and it was a major blow for fans of the deathcore scene as arguably the band was at the heart of the genres formation… Continue Reading →

The Black Dahlia Murder – Abysmal (Metal Blade)

This US hyper speed technical death metal outfit seems to divide the death metal fraternity when it comes to whether they are death metal or not as in the past I have seen the band labelled as metalcore which is… Continue Reading →

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