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JT Ripper – Gathering of the Insane (I Hate)

Well, this worked out a little different than I thought it might. Looking at the initial promo blurb, which talked about a German power trio taking an old school approach to heavy metal, I thought I’d be listening to something… Continue Reading →

Dead Conspiracy – S/T (Necromantic Press Records)

Back in 2014 I was introduced to this US band’s debut “Abomination Underground” which was more or less a compilation of an EP and demo tunes and offered a slice of retro deathrash authenticity that I really enjoyed and tugged… Continue Reading →

Asphyx – Incoming Death (Century Media)

All old school death metal fans know that there are 3 certainties in life. Death, Taxes, and the fact that any album with Martin Van Drunen’s voice on it is sure to have old school beats and a guitar tone… Continue Reading →

Bulletbelt – Rise Of The Banshee (Headless Horseman Records)

Any band called Bulletbelt is going to have me clamouring for their album to review immediately as I expect stripped down metal that sweats and bleeds steel. Residing in the Southern Hemisphere, namely New Zealand, this second album of raw… Continue Reading →

Satan’s Wrath – Die Evil (Metal Blade)

Now I’ll start off by being honest here: I am no Satan’s Wrath’s expert. In fact, the main reason for volunteering to do a write-up of ‘Die Evil’ was my curiosity about their debut album, a copy of which I’ve… Continue Reading →

Bestiality – Stuck in Bestial Vision (Old Temple)

Blackened thrash is one strand of metal that will forever have one heavily-studded hobnail boot planted firmly in the 1980s. That’s a good thing, by the way. A great thing, in fact. The days of ‘How much heavier?’, ‘Faster?’, ‘Harder?’… Continue Reading →

Witchmaster – Antichristus Ex Utero (Osmose)

Poland has long been a source of consistently executed extreme metal, and like an emblem of this phenomenon is Witchmaster. Formed by band founder Geryon in 1996, today’s line-up includes Reyash of Christ Agony/Vader fame and the return of drumming… Continue Reading →

Interview – Nocturnal

With their third full length album hitting the shelves recently, what better time to hear from German black/thrashers Nocturnal. Riding high once again on a wave of Teutonic vitriol, neck snapping riffage and a fine back catalogue, Ave Noctum caught… Continue Reading →

Entartung – Peccata Mortalia (W.T.C.)

Consisting of two stalwarts of the European black metal scene – namely Lykormas and Vulfolaic (which other band(s) they have been in is shrouded in mystery…) –  Entartung now finds itself on album number two. A quick scan of online… Continue Reading →

Nocturnal – Storming Evil (High Roller)

One sign of becoming an old bastard is repeatedly referring to ‘time flying’ – something I find myself regularly writing and saying over recent years. But, with that said; time really does fly doesn’t it? I mean, it only seems… Continue Reading →

Terrorama – Genocide (To The Death Records)

Having the head honcho from I Hate Records should create something special within an extreme metal band and this Swedish group’s third album certainly does that and more. Entitling it “Genocide” is probably the most worthy album to be given… Continue Reading →

Satanic Bloodspraying – At The Mercy of Satan (Hells Headbangers)

Bursting out onto the scene is Bolivian bestial bastards Satanic Bloodspraying, whose back catalogue is zilch and contains only this debut which should already be out. There is scant information on the band, no Facebook, no MySpace, no official webpage… Continue Reading →

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