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Asylum – Roy Ward Baker (Second Sight)

As Robert Powell drives up to an imposing and austere Victorian looking building with Night On Bare Mountain booming on the soundtrack this one could well have been entitles Tales Of Mussorgsky and Madness. Of-course the American ‘House Of Crazies’… Continue Reading →

UFO – A Conspiracy Of Stars (SPV)

Twenty Two Studio Albums! Can you imagine being in a band that has done 22 studio albums? And that doesn’t include all the live albums, side-projects and solo releases. Now OK, from the original line-up, only singer Phil Mogg and… Continue Reading →

Demon Eye – Leave the Light (Soulseller)

This is a promising US band who took their name from a darker Deep Purple tune and it’s fair to say that dark riffs is their thing if last years ‘Shades of Black’ EP is anything to go by. There… Continue Reading →

Wretched Soul –Veronica (Dark Lord Records)

Wretched Soul from Kent launched this album at a recent show where they supported Mercenary and Omnium Gatherum. I was there, and was struck by the vigour and vivacity of their performance. The energy outweighed the cohesion of the music,… Continue Reading →

The Initiation – Larry Stewart (Arrow)

You may not recognise the name Larry Stewart but if you were growing up in the late 70’s early 80’s and liked genre television you no doubt watched some of the shows he was involved in. These included some real… Continue Reading →

Sammal – ST (Svart Records)

Five normal looking gentleman stand in front of a bare tree in contrast to the colourful cover artwork of this album, whose shape could be a pattern which you would paint as a child and fold over to create symmetry…. Continue Reading →

Seamount – Earthmother (The Church Within)

This should be a total no-brainer as far as essential purposes go. Another outing for the band based around Tim Schmidt’s distinctive classic heavy metal guitar and Phil Swanson’s deeply emotive vocals and once again with the backing of the… Continue Reading →

Manilla Road – Invasion (Shadow Kingdom)

There are some albums which I find difficult to grasp the nettle of how to review them. Case in point is Manilla Road’s 1980 debut Invasion. Basically if you’re a big fan you’ll have this already in one of its… Continue Reading →

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