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Blitzkrieg Baby – Cannibal Commando (Beläten)

‘Ultra-negative industrial pop’ is a pretty good way to describe Norwegian act Blitzkrieg Baby as they come in a harrowing form that derives right back to a time in the 70’s when the likes of Throbbing Gristle, SPK and Boyd… Continue Reading →

The Soviet Space Programme – Space Is Hell (S/R)

I am more than happy to be sent into space, the further the better and some may even say I permanently reside there.  This takes me nicely onto this doom, drone, ambient, noise project The Soviet Space Programme composed by… Continue Reading →

Mother Of Worms – The Grimoire Of Abomination Tales (Schattenkult Produktionen)

Filth, foulest stench fuelled pornographically enhanced necro filth! That’s what we have here from these sick Germans and not only that but they have gone and delivered it on old-school cassette too. Somehow it seems all the more apt getting… Continue Reading →

Milestones – Entropy (Savour Your Scene Records)

SYS records has been holding the banner very high in Northern Ireland with a roster of acts mainly in the hardcore genre. Also the label likes to delve back into the days of old when CDs were non existent as… Continue Reading →

Attic – Attic (Metal Punx Rex)

Since discovering this band a couple of weeks ago, Attic (from Germany) are a real heavy metal band, if you like anything from Mercyful Fate to something like what Portrait and In Solitude are doing right now, then you need… Continue Reading →

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