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Pray for Sound – Waves (Dunk!Records)

This is instrumental post rock band Pray for Sound’s fourth album release. Each of their albums so far has explored a different concept and mood. “Waves” is seen as an album which confronts and overcomes struggle. All music but especially… Continue Reading →

DRH – Thin Ice (Apathia Records)

“Follow the white rabbit”, we’re told. Well, maybe we should but for sure we’re taken on a journey through a strange Wonderland here on this experimental saxophone-driven jazz prog collection from French quartet DRH. Sometimes it’s good not to have… Continue Reading →

Unreal Overflows – Latent (Great Dane)

I’m not normally bothered about band names but I have to say that this year so far the quality of some of the names has impressed me more than the albums I’ve heard. First there was Questionable Blood Pressure. Now… Continue Reading →

Death Hawks – Sun Future Moon (Svart Records)

As the title suggests, this album is somewhere “out there”. Dreamy hippie sounds from a bygone era with a pleasant rhythm and a smooth song progression make for a calming and hypnotic experience. That’s typified by “Hey Ya Sun Ra”,… Continue Reading →

Human Beansauce – Baculum (SR)

I listened to a sample of what was a three minute extract of “Lost Fulcrum”, the first track on this album. I was attracted to the deep and chunky six string bass sound and wanted to hear more. Human Beansauce… Continue Reading →

Yurei – Night Vision (Adversum)

“Yurei returns with a work venturing further into the weird”. This work of unlimited psychological self-expression and arguable insanity from the Norwegian artist Bjeima introduces a “parade of Dali-like creatures of the night: twisted, progressive, Lynchian tracks with hectic Balkan-inspired… Continue Reading →

Pigeon Toe – The First Perception (Lifeforce Records)

Simplicity and intrigue appear to surround the unusually named Pigeon Toe, if their track titles are anything to go by. “The Man with the Cat” is not a regular track name but it’s clear that this isn’t a regular band…. Continue Reading →

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