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Cadaver – D.G.A.F. (Nuclear Blast)

What, where, when, how, why? Were immediate questions that hit me when this unexpected body bag turned up in my digital review files. A quick look affirmed that yes, this was the correct Cadaver, the Norwegian one, that had arrived,… Continue Reading →

Aura Noir – Aura Noire (Indie)

With a six year gap between albums one may have thought that Aura Noir had been (Hung) Out To Die but the trio are back like a waft of rotten air and that’s something I am more than happy about…. Continue Reading →

Ravencult – Force Of Profanation (Metal Blade)

This Greek outfit have been around since 2001 and contain past and present members of bands such as Principality Of Hell, Nigredo and Thou Art Lord, an ex-live member of the mighty Varathron and all sorts of other distinguished acts…. Continue Reading →

Diskord – Oscillations (Hellthrasher)

As was so often repeated on the classic comedy series `Monty Python’s Flying Circus’, and now for something completely different… Diskord are certainly a unique prospect; for a start, a Norwegian extreme metal band that doesn’t play Black Metal (they… Continue Reading →

Nidingr – Greatest of Deceivers (Indie)

That Teloch is a busy man with so many projects on the go. It’s not enough being in Mayhem alone for him but creativity sees him in the excellent Nunfuckritual, The Konsortium, Ov Hell, Umoral as well as helming Nidingr…. Continue Reading →

Aura Noir – Out To Die (Indie)

Well, just after talking about the reissue of album number two on these very pages the self professed ‘ugliest band in the world’ (who obviously have not checked out The Pogues lately) are back with their brand new release; number… Continue Reading →

Aura Noir – Deep Tracts Of Hell (Peaceville)

Good timing for this reissue of the second album by Aura Noir as they are just about to unleash their brand new opus ‘Out To Die’ via Indie Recordings. The core trio of musicians should need no introduction at all… Continue Reading →

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