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Screamer – Highway of Heroes (The Sign)

Returning with album number four, these Swedes come back with another album for a “Friday night party”, in fact their music philosophies’ every night is a party. Right from the start you get the traditional metal influence, as I have… Continue Reading →

Satan – Cruel Magic (Metal Blade)

So, who is Satan? According to the more religious, he would be the Judaeo-Christian bogey-man of old. To those metal fans who like their band logos to be unreadable, he is the target of worship for assorted acts clad in… Continue Reading →

Black Cyclone – Death Is King (Gates of Hell Records)

There was a time in the history of heavy metal, where it was hard to know just where exactly NWOBHM ended, and thrash begun. In fact, arguably before the term “thrash” metal was even in very regular parlance, the “speed… Continue Reading →

Blitzkrieg – Judge Not (Mighty Music)

Following on after a five year recordings hiatus, Blitzkrieg have been well revered over the years from various sources, mainly for their inclusion in the original NWOBHM movement. For a few years now, Blitzkrieg have expanded their musical output and… Continue Reading →

Tygers Of Pan Tang – S/T (Mighty Music)

I wonder how many Tygers reviews in the last 20 years have started with the reviewer banging on about their past glories and how much they liked their early 80’s NWOBHM albums (my fave is “Spellbound” just for the record…)…. Continue Reading →

Satan – Atom By Atom (Listenable)

NWOBHM was never meant to be this good right? Satan’s last album ‘Life Sentence’ stormed into many minds and received rave reviews. The pattern continues with ‘Atom By Atom’ and there are a few things that surprise, this is a… Continue Reading →

Hellion Rising – Eight of Swords (S/R)

Geordie metallers Hellion Rising have been kicking around since 2012 and at first, given the name of the band, I as many who haven’t heard of the band before may be forgiven that they are a death metal band. How… Continue Reading →

Satan – Life Sentence (Listenable)

One of the UK’s  most revered acts in whatever form they take with their  numerous name changes over the years, 1983’s ‘Court in the Act’ is a genuine classic album and when the band went under the Pariah moniker, they… Continue Reading →

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