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The Opium Cartel – Valor (Apollon Records)

The description of this as art rock and synth pop may not be to everyone’s liking, and I’m not entirely sure it’s to mine, but like all music, it’s about the quality of production, the experience and the connection, so… Continue Reading →

Moto Toscana – Self Titled (Tonzonen Records)

Moto Toscana is a trio with four strings and a drum kit between them.  Is less more?  The fact that Andy (vox) Michi (distorted bass) and Chrisch (Drums) describe themselves as Sludgefunk/Disco Doom piqued my interest. Add into that their claim –… Continue Reading →

Universe217 – Change (Ván)

It’s good to see that metal is finally moving away from what has become a bit of a well-worn cliché, the female operatic singer. Not that I’m not partial to the odd bit of Floor, Tarja or Liv, but come… Continue Reading →

Cold In Berlin – The Comfort Of Loss And Dust (Candlelight)

After hearing and enjoying two albums by Cold In Berlin it was particularly interesting filling in the gaps and seeing the band live for the first time when they played the Candlefest last year. Cast somewhat adrift amidst bands more… Continue Reading →

Oberon – Dream Awakening (Prophecy)

It’s a bit of a cop out on my part maybe, but the description that accompanies this eleven track journey captures the experience. “Dream Awakening” is presented as a “diverse and imaginative music landscape with contrasting emotions musical symbolism, blending… Continue Reading →

Birdeatsbaby – The Bullet Within (Dead Round Eyes)

Subconsciously knowing that this was next on my review pile I had a really strange dream last night involving birds trying to eat babies. I guess looking at the band name one assumes that it is a human baby being… Continue Reading →

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