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Heresiarch / Antediluvian – Defleshing the Serpent Infinity (Iron Bonehead)

Serpents, wolves, tanks, let’s throw them all together and hope things stick… Here we have a split EP featuring two uncompromising, underground acts, one from New Zealand and the other Canada. We get a track or 2 from each and… Continue Reading →

Vorage – S/T (Hellthrasher)

Who was responsible for the phrase “metal of death” which seems to be getting bandied around more and more at the moment? The way I look at it this is the death metal equivalent of ‘orthodox black metal,’ it’s pretty… Continue Reading →

Abyssal – Denouement (Hellthrasher)

Abyssal, as I’m sure most readers are already aware, are a mysterious three-piece hailing from the UK. As I no longer inhabit the island(s) or have much of an idea of what’s going on there, their name has thus far… Continue Reading →

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