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It is now a new decade, and the last time my Ave Noctum bio was updated, it was 2014. So much has changed since then, not least my time ravaged hulk having reached its half century. Vinyl has gone from being a thing of memory to a thing for the trendy and hip (but try going for a walk with that stereo in your pocket!), and tapes have gone from being a best forgotten “fragile”, in every sense of the word, memory, to the most kvlt of the kvlt and grimm offering! What has not changed, however, is my dedication to hard rock and heavy metal. Indeed, my formative years were saturated by the likes of Cream, Deep Purple, Queen, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Genesis, Yes, and their ilk, as well as healthy chunks of Motown on the turntable that was the pre-internet stereophonic centre for entertainment in my mother's 70's single parent household, and my first “concert of choice” (I exclude some I was taken to/performed in against my will) was Motörhead in 1984 in Manchester. However, after living through the heyday of thrash when the “Big Four” were young and hungry, I still revel in the new generations of musicians who rally against the written by committee and autotuned blandness of modern popular music. Every couple of years the popular press features articles about “the death of rock”, whilst lauding the latest autotuned flash in the pan act, and then does a volte face to promote a short lived NME bait guitar act, but the fact is that metal and hard rock lives, and indeed thrives, below the radar of popular consciousness, and I, like my fellow Ave Noctum scribes, revel in that world. So, keep reading, keep supporting the scene you love by buying the music, purchasing merch, and going to the shows, and here's to another decade of excellent music that sticks a stiffly raised middle finger in the direction of popular opinion.

Howling Giant / Sergeant Thunderhoof – Turned to Stone Chapter II: Masamune & Muramasa (Ripple Music)

It’s fair to say that 2020 has been a right old shit shower for live music that you can attend as opposed to watch on the computer. It’s only July as I type this review, and already emails are coming… Continue Reading →

Empress – Premonition (Petrichor Records)

In these trying times for music, and especially the underground scene which does not have the reserves of larger labels and a back catalogue to tide them over, it is always heartening to see a new label come forward, and… Continue Reading →

Dee Calhoun – Godless (Argonauta Records)

It’s a simple and undeniable fact that I’ve had the privilege and joy of reviewing Dee Calhoun’s last two albums, ‘ Rotgut’ (2016) and ‘Go To The Devil’ (2018) for Ave Noctum (see reviews passim), and each time I’ve been… Continue Reading →

Wino – Forever Gone (Ripple Music)

Well folks, if you’ve ever been so overwhelmed with spare time that you’ve followed my writings on this esteemed website, and for that matter the fertile soil of metalteamuk from which it bloomed, you will know I’m an unashamed fan… Continue Reading →

Mazzeri – Mazzeri (S/R)

It’s widely accepted that the international language of rock and metal is English. That’s not to be jingoistic, and is every bit as likely to do with the origins of the sound in the USA as the UK, and the… Continue Reading →

Sorcerer – Lamenting of the Innocent (Metal Blade Records)

Sorcerer is a band with one heck of a long history, their earliest origins taking root in the fertile metal scene of late eighties Sweden. After a hiatus followed by a rebirth in 2010, they’ve been turning out some solid… Continue Reading →

Black Rainbows – Cosmic Ritual Supertrip (Heavy Psych Sounds)

Treating the world with their own brand of fuzz worship since 2007, Italy’s own Black Rainbows have in that time racked up one hell of a back catalogue, an absolute shed load of shows, and arguably as importantly, built up… Continue Reading →

Brant Bjork – Brant Bjork (Heavy Psych Sounds)

The desert rock scene of California, despite its arid sands, has been a fertile land in terms of growing so many classic acts, spawning the likes of Fu Manchu and Kyuss and its many children. My last encounter with a… Continue Reading →

Witchcraft – Black Metal (Nuclear Blast)

Okay folks, I have to admit, the editor of this esteemed site put out a review list, and as I skimmed through it after a night shift of overtime I saw the words “Black Metal” and didn’t probe further, immediately,… Continue Reading →

Pyrior – Fusion (Tonzonen Records)

“Hmm, intriguing!” That is genuinely what I said out loud whilst alone in the house on opening the package from the esteemed editor of Ave Noctum that contained the CD and accompanying PR release for ‘Fusion’. Firstly, it was an… Continue Reading →

Lucifer – Lucifer III (Century Media)

Have you ever heard of “Lucifer”? No folks, I don’t mean the medieval Judaeo-Christian bogey man of old worshipped by Ghost, I mean the Scandewegian occult tinged hard rock band! “No”? Well, let me just say, you are wrong on… Continue Reading →

Mondo Generator, Alunah, Acid Cannibals – Glasgow Nice ‘N’ Sleazy 12/03/2020

Righto folks, first of all, let me say this was not a planned live review, and as such the normal practise of taking notes, securing set lists and the like were not carried out.  However, in light of the current… Continue Reading →

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