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Born in Liverpool and brought up on a healthy dose of classic rock, glam rock and hair metal, I could sing "The Jack" by AC/DC word for word as a 5 year old much to everyone's amusement.
Fast-forward a few years to age 14 and I've re-connected with my rock roots after a few questionable friends and influences. I got into metal via Nu-Metal at the end of the 90's and the turning point was getting a copy of "Reign in Blood" for my 16th birthday. Since then it's been metal all the way with a steady course of beer and Jack Daniels to compliment it.
Thrash is the go to genre for me, but I also have an appreciation of prog metal, classic rock, hard rock, power metal, death metal and stoner rock. Anything which has a great guitar sound or a groove you just have to bang your head to goes down well for me too. I play guitar and bass, mostly for the enjoyment of hassling the neighbours but I'd much rather be in the pit than on stage playing to it. As much as I love playing, listening to music is my passion as is expanding my ever growing music library.
At a gig I will no doubt be the one trying to down the pint in my hand whilst palming all my things onto my better half so I can run headfirst into the pit.

Foot – The Balance Of Nature Shifted (Cooper Feast Records)

When you think of Desert Rock, the vibrant California sands or the Europeans who emulate that iconic sound; Kyuss and the bands which spawned from their members such as Queens Of the Stone Age, Fu Manchu, John Garcia’s various projects… Continue Reading →

Primal Fear – Metal Commando (Nuclear Blast)

For 22 years Primal Fear have been one of the driving forces in Euro Power Metal, standing alongside fellow countrymen Rage, Accept, Helloween, Blind Guardian etc… Basically, they’re one of a long list of bands who know how to blend… Continue Reading →

Anaxagor – Anaxagor (Great Dane)

Bordeaux based 5 piece Anaxagor started out in 2017 and they play a hard hitting brand of Thrash and Death Metal, two genres which have a lot of synergy with each other but are often difficult to mix in the… Continue Reading →

Ephemeral – VII (S/R)

Ephemeral is a three-piece Melodic Death Metal project based out of Thessaloniki in the northern reaches of Greece. With its main core composing of E2 (vocals/guitar/bass/orchestration), Angel (keyboards/orchestration) and Kostas Matis (drums), the trio have created a tight melodic death… Continue Reading →

Arabs In Aspic – Madness And Magic (Karisma)

Trondheim veterans Arabs In Aspic have been the standard bearers for the retro-rock and classic prog stylings in Norway for the past 15 or so years. With a big musical focus on making their sound and approach sound like an… Continue Reading →

Shrapnel – Palace For The Insane (Candlelight)

Norwich based thrashers Shrapnel are back and much like their name, they are tearing through things without mercy, cutting down all in their path with furious riffs, scathing vocals and piercing lead guitar work. Last time out, “Raised On Decay”… Continue Reading →

Killing A Lion – Bombs Of Affection (Boersma Records)

North-Rhine Westphalian quartet Killing A Lion are a band who have stated that they don’t feel like their sound should be confined by a simplistic genre tag. Usually, a statement like this has the mental klaxon’s blaring, the red lights… Continue Reading →

Havok – V (Century Media)

Colorado thrasher’s Havok are back with their 5th studio release, the appropriately named ‘V’. After “Conformicide”, their 2017 release which was greeted with a mixed reception but delivered with a high intensity touring schedule, ‘V’ sees the band pushing onwards… Continue Reading →

Chronus – Idols (Listenable)

“Chronus is a bright, shining addition to the future of metal” (David Ellefson [Megadeth]) With a supporting statement like that, the stakes are certainly high for the Swedish four piece Chronus. The band, hailing from Helsingborg in the southern parts… Continue Reading →

Turmion Kätilӧt – Global Warning (Nuclear Blast)

Finnish Industrial outfit Turmion Kätilӧt hail from Kuopio and their name literally translates to ‘Midwives of Ruin’. They’ve been doing the rounds for the best part of 2 decades and have finally got their big break with a signing to… Continue Reading →

Sigiriya – Maiden Mother Crone (Burning World)

Back in 2014 there were some fine albums released and one of those managed to beat out big names like AC/DC to get my nod for the album of the year. This album is called “Darkness Died Today” by the… Continue Reading →

Ripped To Shreds – Luan (Pulverised Records)

The mastermind behind the Death metal project Ripped To Shreds, Andrew Lee is back and this time, with a new line up which includes members of Trenchrot, Death Fortress, Funebrarum and Gridlink, he is set to unleash the second full… Continue Reading →

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