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Author Miika Virtanen

I'm more of a Charles Bukowski-character, really. I don't care for most things as long as I have a ridiculous amount of cyder+rum and some killer tunes, man. However, unlike my hero I do know what punk is and also quite enjoy a seleceted few metal bands. I absolutely fucking loathe modern production and, like Mr. B with poetry, I find the worship of things that have been around for way too long to be innovative completely retarded. Musical likes are mostly old-school, but dislikes worship bands, hates anything modern and the UK brutal death metal scene. Essential reading: Notes of a Dirty Old Man, Pleasures of the Damned, Sunlight, Here I Am, The Most Beautiful Woman In Town.

Witchtrap – Vengeance Is My Name (Hell’s Headbangers)

Well, it’s been six long years since Witchtrap’s previous strike, 2006’s much-praised No Anesthesia, and now finally this lot of English-grammar-loathers have returned. For those unfamiliar with Witchtrap, they’re a Medellínese (Colombian) black/thrash outfit, leaning further away from the ‘black’… Continue Reading →

Beherit – At The Devil’s Studio 1990 (Kvlt)

The legend that is Beherit… an untouchable entity with an original debut album, namely ‘Oath of Black Blood,’ an unmatched slice of BM brilliance. None who has truly listened to the record can question this… except the band themselves. The… Continue Reading →

Vorkreist – Sigil Whore Christ (Agonia)

For me, with this album, Vorkreist have completely lost it. With ‘it’ I mean the vibe of it all, what made them stand-out, what made them interesting. The black metal aggression has been replaced with a polished modern death metal… Continue Reading →

King – Forged By Satan’s Doctrine (Deathgasm Records)

From South American Hell –Medellin,Colombia– emerge the weirdly named quartet called King. Weird may not be the right word, but it’s the first that comes to mind. Adding the bizarre to the weirdo is the fact that they play an… Continue Reading →

Autopsy – All Tomorrow’s Funerals (Peaceville)

Another awesome digi-pack release from everyone’s favourite masters of madness and gore?! Killer! So what do we have here… three tracks of new material, along with all the sold-out EPs (including the recent Tomb Within) re-mastered by the band? Interesting…… Continue Reading →

Inverticrux – Virgin Reaper (self-released)

Inverticrux used to be called Vintage Flesh, whose 2011 album Hour of the Night Gaunts I previously reviewed (here: So in a sense you can consider this a sequel, and as with every sequel, I (the creator of the review), am convinced it’s ‘better… Continue Reading →

Macabra – Blood-Nurtured Nature (

Macabra comes across as effectively a brainchild of Mr. Mark Riddick, an American multi-instrumentalist, who delivers all instrumental recordings on the record. But as the US special Ops in the Afghan desert, Belgian assistance was required (no, not fucking Tintin*)… Continue Reading →

Mare Infinitum – Sea of Infinity

Artist: Mare Infinitum Title: Sea of  Infinity Type: Album Label: Solitude Productions From F. Dostoyevsky’s birth-town in the Russian Central District comes Mare Infinitum with a debut album entitled ‘Sea of Infinity’ – a rough translation of the band name,… Continue Reading →

Supreme Lord – Father Kaos

Artist: Supreme Lord  Title: Father Kaos Type: Album Label: Witching Hour Productions So… after seven long years Polish journeyman Reyash finally found a spare moment to lay down the second Supreme Lord album ‘Father Kaos’. Being an active member of Christ… Continue Reading →

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