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Author Kane Power

Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. When I was about 14 I left behind grunge and discovered the local punk and hardcore scene which quickly lead to a love for metal. I’m a drummer and have played in bands for about 15 years now, most of which were thrash/death metal, hardcore or punk but i’m also a fan of post-rock and prog. I’ve got a music degree, spend most of my days working as an audio engineer and most of my nights playing, listening to or writing about music.

World Be Free – The Anti-Circle (Revelation Records)

My whole world has been torn apart. Scott Vogel was always the angriest man in hardcore, every subsequent Terror record reinforcing his message of disillusionment, dissatisfaction and general vitriol. It was a done deal and we all knew what to… Continue Reading →

Throwers – Loss (Golden Antenna)

Eastern German hardcore band ‘Throwers’ have just released their album Loss via Golden Antenna Records. With most modern records, the immediate reaction on first listen is to try and find comparison with older, more well known artists. Categorising bands has… Continue Reading →

The Iron Son – Enemy (Pvre Evil Records)

The Iron Son is a new project from ex Bleeding Through, Throwdown and Eighteen Visions vocalist Brandan Schieppati. Debut album ‘Enemy’ was released through his own label ‘Pvre Evil’ on December 1st. I picked up this review based on the… Continue Reading →

False Flags – Hexmachine (S/R)

Another day, another good band from Leeds. Seriously, this city is churning out quality bands even more so than usual, which is saying something considering the prolific nature of the Leeds music scene. This time it’s hardcore/hard rock group False… Continue Reading →

Sofy Major – Waste (Solar Flare)

It’s rough being a musician. Years of dedication, practice and sacrifice are reflected in short pieces of work upon which your skill, talent and worth are judged in mere seconds, often by someone who has little idea the hardship that… Continue Reading →

Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving – Yield To Despair (Pelagic)

Like a continuation from something unheard, Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving plunge into immediate doom with crushed bass and drums at a death march; any introduction for the uninitiated is left to imagery from the album art and title, ‘Yield To… Continue Reading →

Promethee – Unrest (Lifeforce)

Structurally inventive and creative with time, ‘Unrest’, the new full-length from Swiss act Promethee, is a formidable display of modern progressive metal. Meshuggah-esque rhythms and patterns dominate the first few tracks; the performance a precise and capable nod to the… Continue Reading →

Terror – The 25th Hour (Century Media)

Over the past 13 years Terror have carved themselves a place as hardcore heavyweights. The two original members; vocalist Scott Vogel and drummer Nick Jett, have persevered through multiple line-ups, labels, six albums, four EP’s and an almost constant touring… Continue Reading →

Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss (Sargent House)

It’s rare that an album portrays the artist’s intent perfectly. Issues with interpretation plague such an emotive genre; a lack of clarity, unrefined ideas, and sonic failings, render good ideas worthless in a world of 30-second previews. ‘Abyss’, the new… Continue Reading →

Enabler – Fail To Feel Safe (Century Media)

‘Fail To Feel Safe’, the new effort from Ohio based hardcore/metal act Enabler is released through Century Media on August 7th. Written and performed entirely by front man Jeff Lohrber; the album is a succinct display of top quality musicianship… Continue Reading →

Rosetta – Quintessential Ephemera (Golden Antenna)

Philadelphia based progressive metal/post-rock stalwarts Rosetta have a brand new album for your ears and minds; ‘Quintessential Ephemera’ scheduled for a July 3rd release is available now via Golden Antenna Records. Beginning with the beautifully measured opening track ‘After The… Continue Reading →

Calligram – EP (S/R)

Since 2011 the guys in what has become ‘Calligram’ have been writing aggressive, alternative hardcore in London. Morphing through members and band names, the current diverse line-up hailing from France, Italy, Brazil and the Basque Country, have started to garner… Continue Reading →

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