Four years on from “Panzerdoktrin” these Germans are back with their second full length and what a blast it is.

If you’re not familiar with the band, their sound is a unique and aggressive blend of old school Swedeath and more modern American death metal with some eerie melodic nuances oh, and they do love a song about war!

Kicking things off with “The Storm” I immediately thought “oh hello”. This is the sort of death metal I like the best. No hyper technical wankery, just a punch straight to the guts with pounding drums and crunchy riffing which carries on into “Ebbs Into Stalemate”. “Und Ehre Ist’s” is next, opening with a sample from “All Quiet On The Western Front” (which will probably upset the usual moronic Nazi sniffers ) .

As I said, this is a really hefty blend of old and more modern death metal and the production is absolutely spot on, not over polished nor too muddy. Powerful and bruising, every instrument is showcased well.

This five piece have written some really powerful songs here. The title track especially. There’s a good bit of variety too with some total blasts like “Hell Is A Field In France” and “Yperite” and some slower heavier numbers too which drip in atmosphere like “All Quiet On The Western Front”.

They have an original vibe going on and I really dig the war themes and imagery.  The album has a fair few memorable moments and in a genre littered with the exact opposite in a lot of releases, that is a big plus.

(8/10 Mark Eve)