Hailing from Southern Germany with an impressive back catalogue behind them, the wonderfully monikered Necrotted return with this a celebratory EP to mark their 10 years of existence. It’s a short, sharp kick in the balls, an aural equivalent of a chilli infused anal bleaching, coupled with a Jägermeister colonic procedure. It’s a brutal 4 song attack that leaves the listener battered and bruised. It’s interesting that on songs such as ‘Die For Something Worthwhile’ and ‘Six Feet Deep, No Party Too Deep’ that for a band in existence for as long as these guys, that they have embraced a myriad of very modern touch points.

I can hear Aussie death/metalcore Thy Art Is Murder all over this is in terms of the drums and vocal delivery, but this is much better than that aforementioned band. This goes faster, for longer and doesn’t seem to be overly fussed over scenester styled posturing, mock climate change anger and wearing waterproofs. This is balls to the wall, speedy death metal that doesn’t fuck about, it gets to the point quickly and brutally. I prefer it when they slow things down a smidge, when you can really hear the guitars squeal and crunch and the gruff, growled vocals really find their feet. ‘It’s Death Metal Jim….but not as you know it’ to paraphrase Bones McCoy from Star Trek and that’s the point here. It does have definite Death Metal leanings, but this is probably more than a whiff of metal/deathcore with Necrotted  use of technology, production, drum triggering and song arrangements and whilst it does have a decidedly modern feel to it, with the band also having a foot in the camps of say Suffocation and later era Pestilence.

Despite some misgivings I have personally with a lot of the bigger bands in this scene, and the scene itself for a myriad of reasons (mainly including, poor songs, bad musicianship, scene elitism etc etc.) this EP sounds fresh and invigorating and will prompt a further inspection of their back catalogue. The playing here is exemplary and the songs themselves, although perfunctory, are filthy snacks of modern, brutal and calculated metal. There is a lot hear to admire in the constructs of the songs themselves, the playing and the production. There is also a touch of the gone, but not forgotten Red Chord’s musical inspiration on offer here. Necrotted may not employ some of the more zany and off the wall aspects of Red Chord’s musical output, parallels can be found in the brutal precision of much of this EP. OK this is not re-inventing the wheel, but its very heavy, well played and hugely enjoyable.

(7/10 Nick Griffiths)