Well, this is a turn up for your listening pleasure. This version of Wraith are US blackened thrash (not the UK chaps whom were ‘Hungry (for a shot of your love)’ a few years back) nor the dodgy Malaysian band of the same name. From the opening note, you are thrown to the back of your chair or sucker punched to the ground. The energy and speed is infectious. If you like the likes of Midnight, Hellripper, Bewitcher and say for arguments sake Toxic Holocaust, then you are in good company.

This is their second album, their debut ‘Heed the Warning’ (I am currently trying to track a physical copy down!) left the blueprints for this. ‘Absolute Power’ simply blows away any pretenders and becomes a party album for the demented. I am absolutely mental of course after spinning this one. Yes it’s faster, heavier and has a major amalgamation of punk, speed and thrash metal.

Highlights…well all nine tracks! However, particular mention should be made to ‘Acid Mass’, the instigator of the album of chaos ‘Devil’s Hour’ and ‘The Hunt’. Tagged on the end of the album is a Misfits cover in the form of ‘Death Comes Ripping’ from ‘83’s ‘Earth AD’ which does the trick nicely.

Hey, I’ve seen some bad press, I’ve seen the positive. My opinion of ‘Absolute Power’ is of fun and energy, with the unconscious need to clench ones fist whist banging your head as hard as you can. It’s not as rotten as some blackened thrash/speed/punk I could mention, but it’s possessed with enough energy to make the most boring music fan in the world take note.

(9/10 Paul Maddison)